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Pretty much bang on 19k since I owned it. Also means the gearbox has been banging for the last 29k+ miles. In which time it appears to have got better rather than worse. Possibly a combination of the fresh fluid and the Lucas Transmission stop slip maybe have helped here. I use this car as a useful data point that an AW55 that is banging isn't the end of the world. Also that you can get away with not changing the valve body and still use it as a car (there is a spare in the boot if anyone feels inclined).


I'm resisting heavily from participating in this roffle. I never win them until I won the Jaguar. Don't think my other half could cope with me anymore if won another roffle. Especially winning a car I previously owned!

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Crikey, only 12 tickets left!


I better go do something else stupid...


Train tickets to the big smoke for tomorrow - Check


Comprehensive* toolkit - Check




I shall update once I have the boring business of my day job out of the way :)


Saab did a fine job today, six hours or so of driving from Leeds to Worcester and back in a day and fresh as a daisy at the other end. Managed 36 mpg over the run.



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Also that you can get away with not changing the valve body and still use it as a car (there is a spare in the boot if anyone feels inclined).



Correct, it's still there in the same packaging you supplied it in!


I think it's become a tradition to just drive the car & not fit this part.

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On the train. Committed!


I worried my toolkit was not enough so have supplemented with a smash and grab from my spare fuse drawer in cellar, may be need, maybe not.


Only 9 left on the roffle, Wife has demanded full shiters alley photo of the fleet before anything departs.


Will oblige if it make it back tonight. ETA home is maybe midnight ish.

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Any pointers for a decent temporary insurance co?


I’m going to insre it to get me home and then spend quality* time tomorrow with my insurer discussing how £600 extra for something that will be going for tip runs and picnics under 3000 miles a year is a bit steep.


If it wasn’t for Cuntinuous insurance I’d just insure it as pay as you go every time I needed it but no doubt the doovla will find me if I try that.


Long tube thing.


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Tell him to aim for Highwood, then Loves lane is 5 mins down the road, or the Fox and Goose Pub on Wyses Lane, just off the A414. Highwood is just 5 mins away down some winding lane shite. Turn right at the end of Wyses lane, church on the left and just carry on past the school and pools lane also on the left. Don't forget to look for the farm gate with the farm name on and the blue post box.


All of those pasties are mainly potato. Major disappoint.

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Vehicle located, battery reattached nervously but the old girl fired up fine.



She is lovely to drive, it might be the redness and size but I feel like Reg Vardt in on the buses and find myself laughing away as I drive, it’s sich a jolly fun bus.


Maximum love occurred as wipers were used and they danced across the screen backwards like a giant crab wiping tears of joy from its eyes...


A tribute to Ken this thing and god knows what all the parcels are in the back either, it’s like Santa’s grotto.


Front heater dead but I am regulating temp by leaning over and adjusting rear heater which is like a bloody furnace!


Much love.




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She's not perfect but she's comfy and wafty, a fab combination.


Things that need doing:


Fit the battery clamp that I have in my i10 (doh).


Fit the gear lever gaiter


Sort the horn button cover


Investigate non-working heater, likely the hedgehog.


Fit uncracked tailgate panel.


Fit towbar/parking aid if can be arsed.


New rocker cover gasket as a bit leaky.


Fit the correct wing mirror glass (it's in the slim brown box at the back of the car).


That was all on my list anyway :)

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I am home. Looks to have been something bad in the A1, was shut so has to divert through backroads via Sprotboroigh, Hooli - I think I went over that bridge that people think is 1.5 cars wide until you pile towards them and they discover more road on their side :)


Got back with three minutes to spare to dive into the one stop and grab a celebratory beer. Plod were in the car park and expected a collar feel for ANPR and not on MID (tempcover) but they pulled out as I went in so I avoided them delaying me and missing closing time at the offy.


What an excellent long distance fun bus!

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