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Figured I'd turn this into a general ohdearme thread as there's another collection thread coming on Wednesday.


Between this 9-5, the Mondeo and the new addition thought I'd save you all the forum spam and park it all here.


I'll also add in the odd misty eyed, chod memory, such as the jacked up Mk1 Shogun (3.0 V6) no less that I bought for £300 of £500 quid (can't remember) it had spent it's life on a farm and was great fun for six months, getting me from London to Leeds in an OMGSNOWKAOS incident a few years back by using an old fashioned AA paper map, a ton of back country lanes and a lot of steering wheel input and massive grin.


Sadly, I came home from a weekend away to be greeted by a space on the drive and the landlord showing me security footage of two scrotes ripping the sunroof off (it was only duct taped down) and jump starting the bugger off into the night, never to be seen again :(


I bought another Pajero to replace it £500 from near canvey island. Body work was mint and all was great on the way home until it threw it's belts on the M1 and I had to pull over sharpish. It was at this point I popped the bonnet and observed the glowing orange hot turbo ignited the hoses and I had to call fireman Sam.


Anti-climax but this one was a diesel so by the time the red truck arrived it had gone out and with no obvious signs of damage. Turned out to be a nick in the pulley that had slit the belt and then whipped all the others off as it flailed off. Shortly after this I got a missus and a wedding to sort out so I never did get it back on the road and it was flogged for about what I paid in a classic 'probably an easy fix, just no time' capers for somebody else.


If anyone comes across a Mk1 Pajero or Shogun LWB 3.0 petrol, I'll have it off you.


Also, got a complete new centre console for the Mondeo, including all the buttons for a tenner as my ham fisted radio removal has scratched the existing one. will fit that once I'm ready for round two with the radio carcass.

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Given the rapid* pace you've all fallen for the Mondeo, I thought I'd start casual roffle for the shiter's 9-5 instead.


Proceeds from the roffle will go towards getting someone other than me to fix the wheel bearing on the Mondeo and any spare can top up the forum coffers.


It's the ex Hooli / SiC 9-5 but I will be using it for the duration of the month as I'm commuting around the country in it and I also have to go to Speyside in the middle of the month for a whisky tasting tour with a couple of mates and I can think of no finer way (Except the Still Game Dogging Rover) to have my mate drive us around the distilleries than in a £40 Saab.


I'm therefore asking nobody to rush to chip in but a roffle with a collection towards the end of November is a distinct possibility.


I've tarted the leather up a bit and topped up the oil and will no doubt do a couple of other pointless cosmetic things to it, like treat the surface arch rust and make some token effort to deal with the ally corrosion on the door mirror triangle (futile though this will be). I may also spunk some money getting a new screenwash cap :)


There is little danger of me getting too ambitious and touching the mechanicals in case I take something off that won't go back on and render it undriveable (Remember my Aero's ball joint anyone?).


Will offer this out at £4.50 a go or 3 for lucky a £13.


Night Time Pez-Porn




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1. - Loserone

2. - Keith777

3. - Loserone

4. - Mod500

5. - Matts_rusty_bus

6. - yes oui si

7. - Jim Bell

8. - Purplebargeken

9. - Jim Bell

10. - yes oui si

11. - njgLeeds

12. - Keith777

13. - £95Pug

14. - yes oui si


16. - aldo135

17. - djoptix

18. - djoptix

19. - Themoog

20. - Bramz7

21. - Bucketeer

22. - Bramz7

23. - Matts_Rusty_Bus

24. - GeordieInExile

25. - Jim Bell

26. - Cavcraft

27. - njgLeeds

28. - Keith777

29. - floatylight

30. - aldo135

31. - Captain Furious

32. - Matts_Rusty_Bus

33. - Themoog

34. - Njgleeds

35. - joelloM

36. - Loserone

37. - Mod500

38. - Jim Bell

39. - CortinaDave

40. - aldo135

41. - floatylight

42. - Sporty-shite

43. - jollysmart

44. - djoptix

45. - Captain Furious

46. - CortinaDave

47. - yes oui si

48. - Mod500

49. - £95Pug

50. - Pandamonium

51. - yes oui si

52. - floatylight

53. - £95Pug

54. - Captain Furious

55. - Sporty-shite

56. - Themoog

57. - Bramz7

58. - CortinaDave

59. - yes oui si

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This will sell out quick methinks, a lot of Saaaab love at present on here.


Unfortunately, I'm on roffle rationing at present, so cannot partake, plus not an estate, which is what I really really want.




PS I'll probably crack and buy tickets later, so hurry up and sell it out everyone please.

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Do you lot not understand the concept of slow burn?



Some benefits of this lowly specced Vector relative to an Aero to look forward to.


- Electric mirrors, but not the little button to dip passenger mirror in reverse. It was small and dug in your finger anyway.

- Mirrors don't fold in electrically so no fear of them not opening again.

- Rear mirror is not auto dimming, flicking down is better to view kids in rear, ensures correct delivery of backhand slaps.

- No heated rear seats - button blank symmetry is maintained.


It will also maybe be appearing at Glossop tomorrow evenoong.

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How come it's selling out quicker for you?

How come it's selling out quicker for you?

No idea? Probably because I don’t want/need it to!


Or maybe that extra 50p that put the buggers off before has swung it, fickle us shiters it seems.


Got a bit of traffic on the motorway today and experienced the ‘clunky’ gearchange when warm in traffic you warned about.


I’d been expecting a change like a punch to the kidneys but it’s no worse really than a fluffed manual gearchange where your foot slips off the gas or clutch and you jolt it in.


When it happened I was more like ‘oh, that’s what they meant’ as opposed to OMGFTP.


Other selling points of note.


Non Aero bumper stays on car when encountering kerbs



Flared nostrils popping out TADTS



Aloo-minnum mirrors - It’s like being in that S8 from Ronin, said nobody.


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