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Hedgehog Motors - Ropey 607 Arrival

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21 hours ago, cms206 said:

I have for many years nursed a 607 fetish and Wednesday night didn't fucking help it.


21 hours ago, Supernaut said:

I remember the massive grin on your face when you pulled back into the car park, and your missus shouting "No! Noooo! No! Stop it!"

Has Andy bought it yet?  Take that how you will...

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Further to last nights investigations, some progress was made tonight. First of all, someone left me a message;


So basically I've set up a laptop with the Peugeot Planet 2000 diagnostic software and acquired the usb to OBD interface required to use it. It's a pretty powerful package by the looks of things. I've been using it to read error codes, clear them and look at different vehicle parameters to try and see what the matter is. 

To recap, the car would not start at all, without easystart spray. When it did start it would run in a restricted power mode with EML lit. Last night it was showing a persistent error code about the camshaft sensor which returned after clearing, upon cranking the engine again. 

I'm keen to not throw money at it willy nilly, but given the Bosch camshaft sensor was £15, I thought I'd pick one up. I fitted it tonight. It looks like this;


Notice the little tooth on the end, on the one I removed this was smoothed off. I don't know if it's there to be sacrificial. As you can also see the hole for the screw is elongated so it's basically align-able, it doesn't fit in a set position. When I fitted the new sensor I was getting a code about "no reading from camshaft sensor". Not that it wasn't present, just that it wasn't receiving a signal from it. 


I guessed this was probably because I had positioned it conservatively so as not to damage it. Thought I'd test with the old one and try inserting it a bit further and trying to line it up properly, if it was damaged it wouldn't be too much of a concern. Done this and got in the car, cleared the codes. Cranked it and it started after minimal cranking... sat and idled fine. No EML and no codes.  It couldn't be that easy? Or could it? 

It sat there idling for about ten minutes while I watched the various parameters, no issues at all. 

Crucially, there's a parameter for "Cam/Crank Sync" and this showed Yes throughout, so seems like the theory of it having slipped a tooth is out. 

Took it out a bimble round the extensive* private* grounds of my stately* home, not on the Queen's Highway obvs, as the cunt is neither taxed nor insured. Gave it a wee razz up a hill and it pulled strongly, no signs of limp mode. 

Got back, shut it off and started again as below;

So a fair bit more cranking than you'd like, but it started and then ran fine again, repeated once again. 

However, at the third attempt progress was dashed somewhat, it wouldn't start and just cranked. Battery was only reading 11.7v. Will try it with a known good battery tomorrow morning and see. 

So to sum up, definite progress. It's definitely one problem less than was there last night and it's good to know that the engine is fundamentally capable of starting and running under it's own steam. Worst case, I may just have tidied up a residual issue and now have a platform to get to the root of the actual issue. Best case, I wang a good battery on it and it works. We can but hope...

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