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Hedgehog Motors - Dueling 205s

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Had long been periodically experiencing a sticky caliper on the 405, usually after it sat for a while. 


Procured new disks and pads and set about changing them last night. 


Was coming apart reasonably easy until NSF caliper screw put up a fight;







Moving onto the OSF, I was quite glad to be doing this job when I seen the state of the pads*, mortifying. Other side still had a fair bit of meat on them, so 




One pin on each side was stuck solid, liberal cleaning and greasing of the pins and pad carriers followed. 




Fitted the new discs, used a rewind tool and exercised the caliper somewhat. At this stage I was getting ready to fit the pads and be done.




Only to discover I'd got the wrong fucking pads... Seems they decided to build the 405 of that year with one of three different caliper interchangeably, I'd of course guessed wrong. New pads ordered but job won't be completed til Saturday, still, got plenty done.

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The Saab also capably took me down to Girvan for a work outing this week








The Saab, touch wood, has been exceptional in my tenure. I've just kept an eye on levels and enjoyed it. Will give it a service either this weekend or next and hopefully have many more miles of sensible driving ahead.

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That Saab is looking lovely but bloody hell on those brakes. I thought the rear pads that came off the Galaxy and the fronts on Imp's Jag were low but I've used thicker bits of stuff to shim my kitchen worktop level than that in your hand.


Just in time springs to mind.

I agree, I was mortified. The caliper had long been a bit sticky, but fine after a short run.


Braking performance did degrade suddenly on my last drive in it, almost as if it had jettisoned its friction material...

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Well, got the right pads. Suspect they weren't manufactured all that recently...


Finally invested in a caliper rewind tool... Certainly beats my old method of shoving it back in with a big crowbar.


Cleaning the guide pins and exercising the caliper seems to have done the trick, no longer sticking.


MGFs make excellent shelves.








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Been a while since I updated in here. 

As documented elsewhere, the 405 went in for its MOT and passed no bother. All that was required was a potentially carcinogenic bodging of the back box with fibreglass and gun gum... 




Anyway, it's still there after another 450 miles. Calling that fixed. 

Today sees the MGF I purchased for 200 quid back in February go in for its test. Booked for half 1. It will absolutely fail on having no rear fog, but I just want a list to work through or someone to tell me to scrap the fucker. 

T917SKH for laughs circa 2pm.

It has been serving as the workshop shelf for the last four months. 


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100% frag the MG. Welding around sub-frame mounts could grow arms and legs very quickly. Add to that the odd caliper as well as discs and pads and your bill to get an MOT could easily exceed the value of the car. All of that is before you consider we're talking about an MGF that's an unknown motor has been off the road for some time. Even with an MOT it could turn into a money pit as soon as you start using it! Time to cut your losses and run.

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Think all those who have voiced the opinion it's best just fragged are correct.

Myself and Mr 320T had pre arranged car workings and dug into the MG. 


Worked our way round the nearside. Started with the lights. I'd already done a bit of investigation into these and we didn't really get anywhere. There's a wiring issue somewhere in the depths. We promptly fucked that off and proceeded to the back brakes. 

Rear brakes came apart without too much hassle and the caliper seemed in decent health so probably just discs and pads there. 


You'll notice from the photos this car seems to have lived under the sea, like a certain anthropomorphised sponge. 

Moving onto the front end, the welding to the subframe looks awkward. 


But the real death knell came in the form of the front arms, both are obviously fucked, but replacing requires dropping the already shagged subframe and separating much of the front suspension as well as steering UJs. It would all add up very quickly. 

Had everything else looked particularly tidy, it may have been enough for me to help it live, but its obviously been a Scottish car all its days and everything is covered in a nice layer of corrosion, its not going to come apart nicely. 

I'm not into it for much, it would quickly be another several hundred quid in parts and a lot of work, to ultimately end up with a reasonably crusty example of the intrinsically flawed MGF. 

I'm still no further forward with its electrical issues, which may well be much trickier than it first appears. 

Anyone want anything off it before it goes? Half leather interior is in decent nick. Alternatively cartakeback says £130 if anyone is daft enough. 

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55 minutes ago, loserone said:

Well, IF they can avoid being weighed in..  scary already has a spare pair, but they dissolve for fun

No bother Sir, I'll come up with a list over the next few days and take off anything that's not too onerous. 

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Tried to see if anyone on Facebook wanted any bits off the MG before it goes to the fragger...

Within 15 minutes of posting I'd promptly accepted the cartakeback offer of £130, I'll have the battery and spare wheel out it and the rest can get to fuck. 


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    • By sutty2006
      So I bought this omega in 2015/16 with the intention of doing a banger rally to Benidorm. The engine had a horrible grinding noise and the auto box was lazy. I spent £100 buying it, £50 on oil and filter for the gearbox and sold it for £200. I sold it to a distant mate who put another 2.5 Diesel engine in and put it back on the road. He’s been using it as a daily ever since. He bought a later omega in better condition with the same engine and offered me this one back or scrap it. £50 exchanged palms and the Omega is now back on my driveway. Epic. 
      So the plan is this. I’m going to let it sit on my drive for a while, as next year I’m going to do another Banger rally. Cool. Then on return, the engine and Auto gearbox will be transplanted into my diesel Carlton. I hate having a manual gearbox so a diesel auto carlton is a great idea. Whether it happens or not is another thing. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. 

    • By BoggyMires
      Now in my mucky hands is this S Type Mondeo Lincoln. It's not like a Mondeo Lincoln  though, just uses some of the bits as it's from a time when jaguar was experiencing some 'technical' issues. 
      It has managed to hang onto the feel of a premium car but for the use of cost saving interior plastics made from the same gear that land Rover used in the discovery 2 of the same era, I know, I have one of those too! That has some BMW switches in it though.
      This jaag was cheap. Why did I buy it? All I wanted really was a small convertible for the summer to smoke around in, this is the polar opposite. 
      The price was good but these cars are without their expensive issues. I liked the body. It's virtually rust free, a freak of nature and it had a set of premium tyres on it which suggested it's had some money chucked at it.
      That's all I wanted really from it. The bolt on stuff and mechanicals are fairly easy to sort out, plus I can upgrade as I feel fit.
      Today I've been bonding with this machine. It's got to beat the 3 series I have as a good daily or it's out. It's going to be a tall order, the 318 is bionic!
      I have many miles to do in the next few months, I need a motorway cruiser auto. The odd jaunt for a few hundred miles is the 318's and my clutch legs limit!
      Now, this car has been owned previously by a few members on here, the work it requires is because it is a cheap car and 20 years old and has a jaguar badge on it. There are a few issues with it.
      As said, it has to be put into immediate service. I've owned it 2 days and it's already done over 300 miles, and will do all that again tomorrow! So let's get started!
      After about 100 miles yesterday, I reversed it for the first time in my ownership and when braking the noise was alarming! Had a look and the outer rear brake pad was metal on the disc. I only had another 60 miles to go!
      A phone call on the move saw a set in stock back home to be picked up. Sweet.
      That was yesterday, I've got a day now to change the rear pads and sort out the dropped headlamps with a couple of screws... A couple of hours it'll be Sorted... He says...
      WIND BACK CALIPERS! Yes, they are. My special tool? Sorry? What? No tool?
      Well, I cobbled together a bar and a pair of molies but Christ, that was messing about! I wanted to secure the caliper to the mounting to hold it still but the sliders internal thread was cross threaded on both sliders, so I had to tap them out first. It worked but not without a fight. Then my neighbour came over to have a nose at the new aquisition... Him: Morning, how you getting on"?, Me: "Shit, you haven't got a brake caliper tool have you"? Him: "Yeah, I'll go get it". 

      Sticky slider syndrome ^

      Fully padded up ^
      I took a look around under there, it's nearly all shot. Most ball joints are exposed to the elements so all need replacing but not before a decent jet wash.


      There's little play in the joints so all that goes on the list of parts and graft! Wheels on, I loosened and torqued all the wheel nuts around the car and done the Tyre pressures, we were running soft all round.
      Next was the front lights. A screw mod can be done but I took the back off the units and they were, well toast. Nothing much holding the inner lenses still at all. There was only one thing for it...

      I had readied myself for this. I got hold of a replacement lamp mounting kit with all parts made from nylon. This involved dissecting the lamp which was tough! The mounts that came out, or what was left of them were weaker than Jacobs crackers and just crumbled. To get the bumper off, the plastic under tray bolts were all seized so I had to grind them off. More knackered parts were seen. The auto box cooler has shed most of it's cooling fins, the radiator is sweating and the power steering is hemorrhaging fluid on full lock. There's also a coolant leak at the thermostat housing and there's a high pitch whine at 1000 RPM which turns out to be the alternator. More for the list.
      Still, back to the lights. I need to be able to see tonight so I took a level off the tourings lights and marked on to a wheely bin, these are pretty spot on. Then I can use the bin for the Jaags lights and I won't be far off 

      Going back together nicely it was a good time to run some tcut over the faded lenses. They need a more intense compound and a machine but will do for now.

      Looks smart yo!
      Then it got dark...

      I then drove 120 miles in it and drove it like it was stolen. It had it, all of it! Slight brake judder at 90 and I couldn't get the alignment done as I had no time (see above pics)
      So now we have to price up priorities like the knackered joints on the rear and a full service, two Goodyears and investigate the power steering leak which, I'll hazard a guess at the rack seals are fubard. 
      So in summary, I got a bargain barge that has it's fair share of issues, the interior quality is a bit shocking in places but when the hammer is down, none of this matters! It fits in, it can be a proper giffer cruiser with radio two on at 30mph but it'll turn into a bruiser with some oldskool hardcore at a tonne. It's come to a good home.
    • By strangeangel
      I thought I'd start a thread for this as I'll probably end up asking all sorts of questions, given that this is my first 'proper' Citroën.
      So... the ground clearance lever won't go all the way to the highest setting (all others work), which is bad 'cos the book says I need it to do that in order to check the LHM level. It feels like something's seized, so I don't want to force it. Any ideas for a plan of attack would be much appreciated.
      Next up are the wheels. I now have a set of 205 pepperpots that have just gone off for powder coating & I need to get some tyres for them. The handbook says the car should have 165/70R14s on, the wheels came with 185/65R14 on. Any thoughts about what size I should get please? Cheers.
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