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Sharleys Random project thread


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I had a shuffle round and got an extra car in, one day i'll make a start on a project!


I also have a nice new camping trailer so got the one at the front with some random bits in it for sale, £40 if anyone wants it. Comes with a heavy ass cover.


The GT in the middle is the next project, i shifted things round so i can get to refitting the chrome following the repaint.


I hate working around freshly painted cars!




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so im sitting here considering the future. I have a really random mix of tat but way to much doesn't work. My hoped reliable daily turned out to be a dud. My once reliable daily has been sold. so im left we 3 cars insured but only one works which is a classic mini. oh how the tables have turned....


i think the new year so bring something new....just dunno what!

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So bit of an update on projects


I am nearing the end of the rebuild on the GT i cant wait to share pictures with you all!


I am planning to build a giant shelf over the two 1100s at the back of my unit, this will house my two magentas and all the spares ive collected over the years. We've also purchased another mini, following a shuffle round we now have 12 cars in the unit. Work is progressing well and some pictures are due soon.


Vanden Plas 1300 - still to finish

Rover 75 - running well - Died and gone for scrap

Volvo V70 replaced the 75

Ausitn 1300 GT - nearing completion

Purple Morris 1100 - new colour decided work to start Feb 

Blue MG 1300 - Parked

Red 1985 mini - engine rebuild Block back cleaning started

Green 1971 mini - winter hibernation 

White MG 1300 parked

Blue mk1 Ausitn 1100  - parked

Blue mk1 wolesley - parked

Baby Blue mk2 morris 1300 - parked

Clubman estate - a one day project - second doner car purchased

Magenta kit car x2 ....chassis one now in my garage to be painted

White Vanden Plas 1300 - breaker

Ford KA - waiting


Other projects

Shed storage shelf


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