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Citroen... Just had new starter motor and now serviced!

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2007/57 plate


MOT September 2019


Only 2 advisories, crack in windscreen and damaged front number plate.


Just coming up to 135k


Silver/black leather


6 speed auto/tiptronic gearbox


Aircon (works,but could be colder on 'Iceland' setting)


Cruise control.


Electric Windows x 4


Electric Mirrors. (plus mirror angles down when reverse is engaged, A la XM)


Electric and heated drivers/front passenger seats.


Head up display.


Auto Lights


Auto Wipers.


Front/Rear Parking Sensors.


Electronic rear spoiler ... Doesn't work


Paint on front bumper a bit tatty


Shallow thumb sized dint on NSF wing.


Kerb rash on alloys.


Slight scuff on NSR door/ wheel arch.


Window rubber a bit perished on OSR quarter window.


Crack in far left hand side of windscreen plus small stone chip just left of centre.(advisory)

Was like that when I bought it and hasn't got any worse in a year.


Would probably benefit from a new battery as Winter is upon us, it's started to turn over more slowly when starting recently.



In my custodianship it's had...


All the spheres recharged (Pleiades)


The suspension height at the o/s/r needs resetting as it had a new nsr height corrector fitted just before I bought it...


According to C6 forum a few mill difference can have a detrimental effect on the ride.


Took a trip to Pleiades ...


I explained the problem and they said 'it sounds like something's broken'


Left it with them for the day as I wandered around Peterborough.


When I went to collect it they had recharged the spheres as 'they were all a bit low'


'What about the ride height?' I asked...


'Theres nothing broken but we can't correct the ride height because we haven't got a Lexia'

220 mile round trip for that nonsense.


Though the attention to the spheres has improved the ride.


In hindsight I should've taken it to BL Autos in Welwyn, as they seem to be the recognised experts.


Mark Lightfoot in Ilkeston has since looked at/driven it and said 'Its one of the better ones I've driven'


It's also had ...


Gearbox oil change


Four wheel laser alignment.




Replaced the NSF Alloy wheel as the original had a hairline crack in it.

They're as rare as rocking horse merde but I eventually found one in Ireland ( it's a slightly different shade of silver)


It's due a service,I've bought all the parts.. Air/Oil/Fuel/Cabin filters plus the correct oil,these parts will come with the car. (I've fitted the air filter)


I've had this a year now and it's been a hoot ... It hasn't been an unreliable money pit either!

It's a lovely drive,surprisingly nimble through the twisties in sport setting.

Plenty of grunt too...

With a nice unobtrusive growl when you press the loud pedal.


Averages about 32 mpg


I'll get some recent photos up asap.


Could be open to interesting PX's/exchanges


This is from when I bought it,more to follow.


Apols for the piss poor pics ...


Rubbish phone cam.


Clueless photographer.


I've tried to show the 'bad bits' I mentioned but they haven't really shown up in the pics.

Suffice to say they are very minor.


Oh and the stone chip is just right of centre not as previously stated.


Location Derby

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Oooh, one of few moderns that really appeal. Presume this is mega tax?



Don't suppose you fancy an Espace Quadra or mk1 Probe? Definitely both interesting






Thanks for the offer but they're not really for me.


Love the Quadra though.


Is that a Yank market Probe?


Never seen one before.


Yes,Re the VED.

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  • 2 weeks later...

This beauty had an FTP last week...


Turns out the starter motor had given up the ghost (unfortunately not the battery on its way out as I'd suspected) so it's had a new starter fitted along with a service at Mark Lightfoot in Ilkeston.


I'm now several hundred pounds lighter but she's running beautifully and as you all know fwd big Cits are legendary in omg snokaos ...(well my CX's were)


So obvs a contender for ultra smooth/comfy/wafty WBOD!!

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