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1990 Peugeot 205 XLD - £250


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Right, just thought I'd give this a go

The current owner hasn't had chance to do anything to the car, mostly due to lack of space and money going towards other projects. He's tried selling the thing on eBay a few times now, but as is standard with eBay the buyers haven't turned up multiple times now and he needs to get rid, as the car is kept in a shared parking area. He's been offered 125 quid scrap for it, and as of right now it's going Tuesday morning. In my opinion this car absolutely does NOT need scrapping and it'll fly through another MOT. I've strongly considered taking it back but I too just do not have the space for it, and I'll feel terrible knowing that I basically let a perfectly solid G reg 205 go to the scrappers. If anyone's interested I can give you the current owners number, still located in postcode PR25.

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Whey! Glad it's all gone according to plan. Here's hoping you can get it sorted. It's really quite a nice car, wasn't a bad daily while it ran well. Definitely worth saving.

I am very excited as my delivery driver said - it is very you.
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I would also have a bunch of xud parts as in a complete xantia 1.9td which could be had for a whole £80, which is all I can get from a s rapyard, and it has one of the best engines/gearbox you could find


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Does this have the handbrake on the front wheels?


If so more details please

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