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1990 Peugeot 205 XLD - £250


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Right, trying again. I need to downsize the fleet a little bit because of both money and space issues, and unfortunately this is going to be the one to go. As per the "Project" thread, I pulled this thing out of a builders yard in February, saving it from almost certain death. I bought it in the first place because I knew that underneath all the grime there was actually a solid car. Between February and June, it had all sorts done to it, including but not limited to (because I can't remember properly):

- Engine oil & filter

- 4 brand new Toyo Nanoenergy tyres

- Welding to boot floor, rear footwell (I think?) and nearside sill

- Timing belt & water pump

- Cherrybomb rear silencer, because I couldn't find a proper one for cheap

- Usual stuff like wipers and bulbs

- MOT (exp. 13/06/2019)


I drove it about for most of last month and put about 700 miles on it with 0 hiccups, but it started running like a bag of shite towards the end, getting air in the fuel (presumably from around the filter housing). Naturally, rather than fix this pretty simple issue, I went out and bought another car and decided that I'd rather devote my time and money to that instead. The odometer reads somewhere around 180,700 miles, but from the way it was running originally I see no reason for it to knacker up anytime soon. It really does drive quite well, it's an incredible amount of fun despite only having 59 hp from new, it's very comfortable and it's stupidly efficient when it works properly.


It looks like a total shed, but for me that's where most of the appeal lies (others, including friends and various family members, do not see this). Because of this, however, it's kind of a hard thing to put a price on. I'm well over a grand into it in total, but I stopped counting a while back as my eyes would start to water every time I looked at the spreadsheet. So, price wise I'd be happy with about £450 for it, however if I'm dreaming do feel free to tell me. You could most likely drive it home, but I wouldn't be doing so without an AA membership or just massive nads in general, as it's got no dash lights and the headlights are dim as hell. It's located near Preston, Lancashire.


Have some photos:





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Right, haven't been on here in a while but I still own this pile of shite and I feel bad for letting it sit and collect dirt on land that's not actually mine. Is there any interest for this at all? I don't see myself fixing and driving it, especially not when my Vitesse still needs a radiator which looks like it's going to be bloody expensive.

250 takes it, even if I've spent something like 4-5x that on it in total (and when I paid 250 for it in the first place, fml). 

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I was tempted but thought better of a 200+ mile collection of a car that doesn't run very well. I am 75% sure all it needs is the filter bypassed with a Rover L series filter for example but I can't risk being stranded on a school night.

Someone GIB.


My thoughts as well. I love 205s, but the chances of me getting this home without it conking out on me are low.



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Really like this but I'd have to drive it to Holyhead, then on home from Belfast. Without breakdown cover.


Would probably be a right laugh but equally can't see it going down to well at home when I miss my boat


Probably be rude not to take a couple of tickets mind, so two randoms please squire


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