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Workshop space/indoor/outdoor storage space for rent, several options, Hungerford direction.

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***MODS not entirely sure of the best place to put this***


Guys due to several suspected and unsuspected circumstances a number of workshop spaces/indoor/outdoor storage options have become available in our unit share.


I don't really want to go into the details here because some of it is a bit sensitive involving a bereavement but by all means don't HESITATE to PM me,I just don't want sensitive stuff in the public domain etc.



So, thanks for reading that and onto the space.


We have a large unit in a secluded but easily accessible location (5mins from juntion 14 M4, same from the A4 coming from the South).


It has a two post lift, loads of lighting and recently had a brand new roof fitted (LONG overdue). There's a fridge there and a microwave and of course a kettle.


The lift is booked via a WhatsApp group and we are really flexible, none of this timeshare nonsense, you're not on the clock either. Euro sent you the wrong parts and you need another day? Fine, no problems. It's a VERY relaxed atmosphere. All we all is your pay your rent and keep the place clean, muck in now and then to improve the place (occasional tip ribs etc) and so on. There's waste collection there as well included in the price.


Ah the price, ok a number of options.


As an example, I currently rent a "bay". It fits a car in easily and two at a push but that's because of my layout, others have two cars in their bay easily. My rent includes all bills etc, full use of the workshop,24hr access (VERY handy) and waste collection. I looked and looked for this type of thing for months and all I saw were rickety garages in rough areas or renting a full unit for £500 a month plus bills etc.


I pay £179 a month.


There is a large workshop that could easily swallow 4-6 cars in my opinion, that's up for £500 a month. This can be spilt into two really nice spaces for £250 each a month. This has its own separate access.


The catch with this place is, it can't be run as a business, officially. Meaning, you can't have cars/customers turning up day and night as the landlord will not tolerate it. I have my own business and cost this unit to it so in that respect is fine, but running a 24hr cab service won't really work.


Other options are to split the large unit into separate spaces for internal safe storage, were thinking of 4-5 spaces to cover the £500 required each month.

These will have their own sockets to charge up batteries etc, all included.


So I'll say provisionally £125 a month.


We also have outdoor spaces to rent but this can't be for scrappers, that's in our lease. Really, its more for something you need it out of the way for a bit. When I say scrappers, I mean you couldn't leave a half stripped car there, but a car without an engine/interior etc, fine. A well covered car, also fine. Be aware these are unsecured but it's a VERY quiet place, make of that what you will. Put it this way, my zafira has been out there unlocked for 2 months, not a hint of anything gone missing from it


£50 a month.


Get in touch if you're interested as they're only advertised on here at the moment by me.


Cheers all.

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Really wish something like that would come up round here, (rent) sounds a bargain and a very useful place.

Thanks Billy, yes it's been an absolute life saver for me after I bought a zafira and blew the engine a fortnight later !! Saves hours of hassle on the two post lift.

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No interest? Are the prices a bit high? I should point out that it's effectively a full garage set up with ramp, engine hosts, transmission jack's and so on. Between us we probably have all the tools you'll ever need and if respected were all generally happy to lend out.


If anyone has any constructive feedback on prices them more than happy to hear it.

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This sounds excellent and a great price. Unfortantly being in Bristol, I'm just about an hour away so a little bit far realistically for frequent use. Plus I really don't need room to hoard vehicles...


I grew up around the area and know it well. My parents have moved away but my in-laws still live in Newbury. Going on your description above, I'm pretty sure I know where it is. Almost practical for me.


Would be handy to stash cheap cars away from the other half though ...

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^^^^ AS headquarters! Alas, I am not in a position to put up even 1% of the asking price.


As for the space at M4 Jn14, why the F did I migrate up the country 15 years ago, well away from this! At £50 a month with all that tooling on hand, I think it's bargainous

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