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2002 BMW 330ci manual - Gone to Shandylegs

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Roll up, roll up roffle fans, I'm getting rid of my BMW.

An impending house move means its not the most practical thing for me so it has to go.

Its a 2002 BMW 330ci Sport with a manual gearbox in Orient Blue with a Light Beige leather interior and Myrtle Wood trim.
Being the Sport model it has the lower suspension, 18" wheels, bodykit, shadowline trim, active exhaust and bucket seats.
Equipment wise, it has:
Front foglights,
Electric memory seats
Electric memory mirrors (complete with nearside mirror dipping in reverse)
Auto dimming mirrors
Air conditioning
Factory radio, cassette deck and cd multi changer
Four electric windows
Auto lights
Auto wipers
Cruise control
Trip computer

It has 158,900miles on the clock ( I could claim this is low for the age of the car), I've had it six years and have a lot of documentation (old Mots, tax discs, invoices etc) to back up the service history right back to the original invoice for the car ( £30,950 ) from BMW Preston Hall.
I have the full book pack and all four keys.
The car has its original glovebox torch, factory fitted windscreen, passenger first aid kit and unused spare wheel.
The service indicator advises thats its not due attention for another 12,800 miles.

As always, its not perfect.
There are a few glue marks on the driver's seat from the time i glued a fabric seal back in place and didn't cover the seat, there's also a dot from a permeant marker on the driver's door (it predates my ownership but has faded a lot over the past six years).
Neither of these are visible when driving the car.
The wood trim on the passenger's door has gone a little cloudy, I was advised by a french polisher (from Cove) to leave this well alone.

The car currently wears odd wheels and mirrors.
The mirrors are usually folded in and the original passenger side mirror chassis failed due to metal fatigue at the point where it folds and the driver's side was vandalised.
I've replaced both mirrors (memory/adjust/dip all work) but the caps are green and the trim is matt black not gloss. The driver's side trim is also a little faded.
Orignal mirrors are included so that if you fancy some sort of arifix modelling project you might be able to put the original externals back onto the new mirror chassis.
The original 18" wheels were refurbished and powder coated in a steel grey colour. Sadly one front is now buckled and the steel grey powder coat colour has been discontinued, the car currently wears two black wheels at the front and the grey on the rear.
As per the mirrors, the the other set of wheels is included in the deal.

The car will need rear brakes in a couple of thousand miles, ditto front tyres.
Rear tyres were fitted earlier the year.

Its MOT'd until the 11th of October 2019 - thats there days shy of a full year.

The car is located in Aberdeen and collection from Aberdeen airport, Aberdeen bus station or Aberdeen, Dyce or Inverurie railway stations would be quite easy.

DSC 0208 par Tayne, on ipernity

DSC 0217 par Tayne, on ipernity

DSC 0220 par Tayne, on ipernity

DSC 0223 par Tayne, on ipernity

DSC 0227 par Tayne, on ipernity

DSC 0232 par Tayne, on ipernity

Shitefest 18 signage not included!

IMG 4059 par Tayne, on ipernity

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Would it be cheeky to request the number 5 in exchange for helping with the collection mission yesterday?




Also, does anybody potentially want an E36 320i automatic coupe? :D




Yes, it would.


But i'll give you number 5.


If you win, i'm not helping you collect it though.

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