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Howdy Hay Too - Wipers.

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It’s 65 miles to Falkirk, it’s rainy and overcast and neither of us are wearing sunglasses.

I’m currently sitting a Tesco’s car park in Dundee whilst Supernaught uses the facilities.

We should make it to the Audi in about an hour.

This is the taxi that greeted me this morning.


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Christ. I'd be lucky if the BMW averaged more than 30mpg.


Have a couple of photos of the journey back.




Yes, we went up the A93 because why not?


Somewhere a bit further north, the Howdy Hay Too decided it had low coolant (we were already aware of the minor coolant leak).



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For those of you who don’t know, the Glenshhe ski centre starts at the summit of the Cairnwell Pass, Britain’s highest main road, it was about 90 miles from where we’d filled up in Glenrothes.


Here’s £18.50 worth of fine German engineering with a mere 338,000 miles under their wheels.



It was at this point that I’d smelled something burning.

Without opening the bonnet in a howling gale the smell disappeared so we carried on down the mountain.


A few miles later I got a low coolant warning and after topping up everything seemed ok.


Three miles later the warning was back.

We concluded that we hadn’t bleed the cooling system, topped up again and hooked up an obd2 reader in place if the non-functioning temp gauge.


The live data showed coolant temps between 88 and 92 for the next 15 miles so I pulled over to disconnect the reader and then carried on.


Needless to say I made it the 40 miles home.

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