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The Cars of Auf Wiedersehen Pet

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I saw Kevin Whately in B&Q last week, he was driving a pogweaseled red Corsa. He's lived round here for years and  abandoned a Mk1 Granada in a bus stop around the time Auf Weidersein Pet was at its height of fame,the local paper ran a headline " Auf Weidersein Ford, Nev dumps banger now he's a star"  

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14 hours ago, ProgRocker said:

Think this was from 1992 or 93.

Jimmy seemed to have faded into obscurity after 'Crocodile Shoes' in the late 1990s. Perhaps he's enjoying a quieter life.

UK Number One in July 1992.

Last thing I heard of him is that he is/was in America collaborating with his mate Sting on a project of some sort.

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