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Rules? There ARE* no rules...

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Morning All


Just a gentle reminder of what is posted above - 


Racism, sexism, incitement to violence?  Equally unwelcome here.  Recently though, there seems to have been an increase in the use of terms which disparage the disabled and people with learning difficulties.
We've made it clear before that we will hide, move or delete any such thread or post.  
We would suggest that if you start a post or a thread saying that you know it will be locked - please dont post it. 
If that doesn't fit with your values or you feel that it is unfairly restrictive then Twitter, FB or other places are available to discuss the topics. You are always welcome here to talk about why x car is good, bad or ugly. 
Also if you are finding that other posters or topics are making you angry then log off for a bit. A break is always a useful thing. 
This is a great community and people help each other so much with advice, support and even tools. It would be amazing if we can keep that spirit and work on the things that make us closer rather than focus on the things that divide us. 
If you have any questions then feel free to PM a mod and we will try to help. 


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