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Peugeot 306 cabriolet 2.0 for sale in blue £130

messerschmitt owner

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Excellent.  Very fair pricing and hopefully off to another shiter.  Incidentally my 306 Cabriolet remains untouched in "the car that hated you most" category.  It just loathed my existence and did everything it could to make me fall out of love with it very quickly.


Tell me more about the CLK.... I'm massive fan of them. Got this honey a month ago.  



The CLK is a 2004, one owner from new with 89000 miles. Full service history, and coming with three months warranty, and an oil/filter service. Not the best equipped one I have seen, but like the Pug (bought with 24k miles four and a bit years ago), I do like one owner, well maintained cars for some strange reason. The MoT history is good - one fail on exhaust gases last MoT, so I am assuming a new exhaust is on it. There is but one advisory on the entire MoT history too. Oh, and it's not silver, so bonus colour content! Was £1800 with three month warranty.


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A friggin roffle for a £130 car? Just buy it if you want it

Concur. At the point a car is cheaper than even a classic insurance policy, it’s time to evaluate your life choices and consider another hobby.


DSpares won’t be disappointed. They’re huge fun and go very well it’s 135 horses and half the metal of a hatch. They’re also just beautiful to look at.

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DSpares won’t be disappointed. They’re huge fun and go very well it’s 135 horses and half the metal of a hatch. They’re also just beautiful to look at.

well, I think worst case scenario is scrap and sell the roof for more than its cost. With a quarter tank of fuel, it'll be free to get home. I want to see it saved and for that it needs to go to someone who can do chunks of the work needed themselves. It'll be good for another 50k miles too. With the hardtop on, it'll last the winter and give a chance to do the work needed for its December MoT and fix the roof in the spring. Look forward to seeing it survive. And, like all pug convertibles up to and including the 306, it is a lovely thing to look at.

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The CLK is a 2004, one owner from new with 89000 miles. Full service history, and coming with three months warranty, and an oil/filter service. 


Sounds like an excellent deal.  They've aged really well and will always have a certain element of class about them.  I've had a few 240 coupes but this convertible is a 280 which is apparently a weak engine.  Hope I don't regret it, all the best with yours.

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There is a chap at hel performance who makes the hoses too, that's where I got mine from on the other blue 306 cab that was on here (who has that now?)


That'd be me. Still have it. Still to do the clutch one day. http://autoshite.com/topic/27657-eddie-hondas-306-cab-mot-time/?p=1447994


From memory, a full set of hood hoses amounts to 8 pipes, but it's only 2 of those that tend to get chafed and leak. You can get these on a classic policy (up to max 5k miles) IF you don't mind dealing with AF.

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Sorry to go briefly O/T but how is the Smart Roadster doing? I rememeber that from back in the day (have a copy of The Smart Scene in front of me!). I still have my City Coupe but thoughts are turning to selling it due to lack of use.....

the smart was recommissioned this summer after a five year lay up. It’s now becoming proper shite I think and the cheapest ones are at shite prices. To put it on the road cost me an alternator and starter motor fitted at the garage plus brake drums and I gave it a full service. I’ve got some use out of the tyres that were on it but have replaced them all now. One failure to proceed only and that was a knackered clutch actuator. I changed that at £159 and 20 mins of my time. It is as much fun as I remembered and I don’t get annoyed by the gear change like the journalists all seemed to moan about. I love it and if all goes as planned I will never get rid of it. I think it’s cost me about £800 this summer but I think that should be it for a while. I will replace the rear brake shoes at some point soon as they’re getting a bit low. Strangely, it has a hardtop, the bag for the hard top and suitcase for luggage rack and if she broke terminally I could sell just those three parts and be able to afford another roadster. Such is the world of smart accessories.
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Nice work. Guess the alternator had seized? Seems a common issue. Agreed on the gear change, I enjoy it. That said, I think knowing what the box is likely to do does help. Some of the Smartware is daft money now, particularly the luggage. I was pleased to find a reasonably priced Smart branded radio controlled Fortwo recently. Simple things....

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Lol £6-800 for a hardtop, £300 for the bag it goes into and £800-1000 for the suitcase. I find that you have to drive the roadster, actually thinking ahead and making sure it is in the gear you want just as you need it. If you let it do the gear changes it is hopeless but if you choose the correct gear for the roundabout or corner then it is bloody fantastic. Short ratios but intuitive when you have driven it long enough. You know what gear you want and make sure it’s in it. The change is no slower than I can do manually and is often quicker. But I never get caught out by leaving it in auto when it should be in manual mode.


The alternator had seized but as it had to come off to fit a new starter it was no issue. I had a spare and had the old one rebuilt so I still have a spare.

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100% agree. Shame the gearbox gets such a lot of bad press. How did you go on with the clutch adjustment after actuator replacement? I’ve adjusted mine electronically but thinking I really ought to do a mechanical adjustment. Bit concerned about causing problems, not least the bolts snapping!

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I’ve learned that you don’t actually need the adjustment. Third time actuator has been off. Basically, I have always put it back in the same position and within 50 miles it has self adjusted. I have to drive 30 miles to get an adjustment done anyway so have simply saved the money. I’m sure the infinitesimal difference an electronic adjust makes does help the clutch but after a short while the car ‘teaches’ itself the correct position. I’m also sure a knackered actuator does more damage than one that is working fine.

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Interesting. I’ve seen suggestion that using the car in fully auto mode seems to help it learn the correct position but don’t know if this has been proven to help. I very rarely use fully auto mode, if I want to select the wrong gear at the wrong time I can do that myself.


I bought myself a Delphi kit a while back which I’ve used to electonically adjust the clutch. Seemed to help speed changes up slightly but could be placebo effect. One thing that definitely makes a huge difference to how the gearbox behaves on my car is battery voltage. Sticking it on my ctek charger every so often so the battery remains well charged sees it changing gear quickly and cleanly. A low battery always causes it to bang and slur.

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I’ve a fancy diagnostic called an x-gauge permanently connected via the obd socket. Battery voltage is the one I pay attention too. And I agree on the tip top battery. When I got diagnostics I bought the icarsoft one - which doesn’t do the clutch but does most other things. Handy too as a merc joins the fleet.

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      It's a bit of an internal debate in my head as to whether to start a car specific thread on AS. My Mazda thread has become a reflection of costs of running a 25 year old car as a daily but doesn't get much traffic, my Mondeo thread has become a general MK1/2 Mondeo thread (happy about that) and my Invacar thread has become mainly about DVLA admin...but let's give it a go, see what happens.
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      Some pictures. The pictures flatter it.

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      So at least a bunch of you will recognise my much hacked about Invacar (AC Model 70 actually to be technically correct), KPL139P from my blog thread.
      With the arrival of Dollywobbler's former spares car the decision was made to return that to the road rather than KPL as it was in far better overall condition.
      So since then she has donated her engine, brakes and gearbox to TPA.
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      I need the garage space back, so if anyone wants to take this on as a crazy project, it's all yours.
      It has tyres that are holding air sufficiently that it can roll for loading purposes just fine.


      A pair of somewhat dodgy doors can be had if required, I just need to swap some bits over before I'm done with them. Rear windscreen is missing, windscreen is present and serviceable, and I have good door glass available if you want it.
      If you're thinking ditching the body, sticking a roll cage on and making a crazy off-road buggy that might be immaterial...plenty of suspension travel and compliant springs...that could work actually...
      If you're interested, let me know.
      Really not looking for anything for it, but if you'd like to contribute towards the camper and Invacar restoration fund anything will be appreciated.
      I'd rather have it out the way sooner than later to be honest, but if you're interested but cannot get it picked up until a given date I'm sure we can arrange something.
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