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things that are missing because it was given to you to put away ......  yeah right not ...

turned the house upside down last night looking for a missing passport , which WAS 100 PER CENT GIVEN TO ME TO PUT AWAY in the safe drawer ...  could/did   not find it last night

and I was again cast into the endless  pit of despair and reminded how important it was to put things away ...

had a crap night with my cold , all my leg /arm joints ached like they were on fire all night , then I was coughing and throwing up ....  at 7am ..

so I got up

so turned out the safe drawer again ,,nope

sorted out other piles of crap ,,, and binned then ......  nope

went around other piles of books / paper / shite which the poltergeist has now put in the bin ...  still nope

then when I looked out of the window ... there it was by the picture frame within arms reach of her pillow  , behind a book ....  

was 100 per cent never ever given to me to put away !!!

on the bright side I found a lost Asus tablet and cleared out loads of shite .

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^ I've been looking for my tube of Autosol.  Bought years ago to remove wiper scratches from the Volvo windscreen*

It has always lived on/in a small set of shelves in the understairs cupboard.  Looked there a dozen times and was blaming my son for taking it for his bike.

Looking for something completely different (not found) here's the Autosol right in front of me.

I estimate that it has been there over 20 years :)


*bought a replacement windscreen from a scrappy, spend several hours on a very hot July day removing it, got it home, removed the old one, fitted the replacement and went to clean it.

Someone had been using the wipers with no blade in and scratched some impressive arcs in the drivers half.  Took several hours and much Autosol and a B&D with polishing mop on to get it acceptable.

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On 5/22/2019 at 7:02 PM, dozeydustman said:

Thank you @Fumbler. I've not heard anything as to how advanced it is but MiLaw has been recommended to go for chemo as they *think* it's treatable at the moment. Knowing my in-laws they are not letting on the whole situation. Just got to support my wife and stepdaughter as much as possible and take some of the pressure off father in law - he's 78 and still as active as he can be with bad hips and bad knees.  I'm hoping my nearby nieces and nephews pick up the baton from time to time as well.

I have 2 sister in laws, one on the Isle of Wight who I know will try and get over most if not every weekend to see her, the other is totally hopeless at supporting others in times of need and is the sort that would normally claim she's had the same condition as someone but 9 times worse and survived it, because she lives in her own little bubble.

Father in law received a letter this morning. MiLaw doesn't get to see an oncologist for nearly another month. I don't know if this is because she's quite frail at the moment and may not be able to stand any therapies, or the writing is on the wall for her, or it's been caught early enough not to warrant urgent care. Hospital have offered no advice, leaflets etc to my father in law so this morning Mrs D and I have been contacting loads of charities etc for some advice. 

Perplexed and disappointed about this.

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