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1980 Citroën Acadiane | 1967 Citroen Ami 6


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Not too much activity, although I've done a bit of prodding followed by a lot of sweeping up the rust that falls off!

Couple of bits of French repair found, nice bit of riveting:


And a fist sized lump of filler where the toeboard should be.

I've braced the shell now, so I can start to work methodically. Most likely will be that I need to weld exactly where the bracing is...


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Managed to grab a couple of hours on the car today. Unfortunately it's about 40 degrees in the garage as it has a metal roof. Should get round to some insulation some day. Anyway - what did I get up to?

@Skizzerput me onto, beside his own awesome YouTube channel, "make it kustom" created by a Canadian who shows how to fix and make panels without a complete workshop of tools. Much more up my alley. So, inspired to bash some metal, I worked out that I should be fixing this section first:


Bit of cad


Bit of reuse of offcuts from the steels used in my house extension


Leaves us here


Happy with that for a first attempt. Might try and put a bead in the middle for a bit of strength.

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12 minutes ago, meshking said:

She's a rusty one, I have picked the worst side to start with.  I'm also now experiencing the pain many others do, where repair panels simply don't exist. 


Nevermind, it's all character building...

Thats the spirit, look forward to seeing the progress as always

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Managed to spend a couple of hours today - located the sill and welded it so I can start to mark up where the seatbelt strengthener will fit. It's quite reassuring to see the strength returning to the shell.


I was more surprised than anyone that the floor dropped in. Need to buy some paint to cover the underside before I weld it in.


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Had a few moments to spend on this today - the difficult bit is making sure the seatbelt aligns, and then drilling/reinforcing/welding captive nuts inside the sill before the floor closes off the sill.



All needs to align as :



Marked and drilled 12mm holes

Bolt up the vertical plane then refit the floorIMG20230720202434.thumb.jpg.8121a77c4a51b2c291beb79c5f5356ac.jpg


Now to weld it in...

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  • 2 months later...

You got me wondering earlier today. This is, I think, my eighth Citroen a series. But I've never been mad enough to own more than two at once. 

Progress has been slow on this - it was never going to be speedy, but it ground to a halt as my work life took a step up. 

In any case, both sills are now replaced, with the floor fitted but not welded in on the nearside now.


With that done, I wondered what to do with the toeboard and what was actually supporting the front of the car. I chopped out the rust and lined up the repair panel




I was quite amazed that it all lined up. The floor aligned on both sides but there's a jacking panel that needs to be fitted to the end of the outer panel seen here.

That's a panel that isn't available, but an ami8 was available. So ordered up the four jacking points (which will never be used!) and set about trying to fit something that shouldn't fit.

This is old Vs new:


I was rather amazed to discover that it fitted!



Last check to ensure the rear jacking point fits


I'm calling that a win.


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Excellent work as always. What really amazes me these days is, having done small A series Citroens for so many years, is that now so much panel work is available. It used to be literally nothing for 2CV's/Dyanes or Ami's back in the day, now you can get 'almost' everything. It is a very good thing. Especially for jobs like the Acadiane and Ami you have done on this thread.

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On 24/10/2023 at 08:55, meshking said:

Agreed. @Skizzer has been rather jealous about the panel availability here compared to his fine collection.  It does mean my panel creation skills are not being refined though. 

That said, I'm carefully not looking at the a post repairs just yet. 

I'm just jealous full stop.  Excellent work and such rapid progress!

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