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Robinmasters' French Fancies - Now featuring a hot Swede


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Here's the updated list of winners:


dean36014[/size] [/size]38[/size]

dean36014[/size] [/size]3[/size]

Andrewy[/size] [/size]51[/size]

Andrewy[/size] [/size]14[/size]

Faberge Greggs[/size] [/size]19[/size]

Jim Bell[/size] [/size]37[/size]

Jim Bell[/size] [/size]44[/size]

Jim Bell[/size] [/size]52[/size]

Jim Bell[/size] [/size]41[/size]

spartacus[/size] [/size]26[/size]

spartacus[/size] [/size]27[/size]

spartacus[/size] [/size]6[/size]

loserone[/size] [/size]56[/size]

loserone[/size] [/size]54[/size]

The Moog[/size] [/size]55[/size]

The Moog[/size] [/size]17[/size]

Saabnut[/size] [/size]11[/size]

Saabnut[/size] [/size]18[/size]

Jerzy Woking[/size] [/size]20[/size]

Jerzy Woking[/size] [/size]16[/size]

TheDoctor[/size] [/size]28[/size]

TheDoctor[/size] [/size]7[/size]

bramz7[/size] [/size]35[/size]

bangernomics[/size] [/size]47[/size]

RobT[/size] [/size] [/size]9[/size]

RobT[/size] [/size] [/size]53[/size]

GeordieInExile[/size] [/size]15[/size]

egg[/size] [/size] [/size]32[/size]

Bucketeer[/size] [/size]34[/size]

Bucketeer[/size] [/size]5[/size]

nebuchenezer[/size] [/size]46[/size]

Kiltox[/size] [/size] [/size]40[/size]

Kiltox[/size] [/size] [/size]19[/size]

Kiltox[/size] [/size] [/size]8[/size]

aldo135[/size] [/size]13[/size]

aldo135[/size] [/size]30[/size]


A mere 23 more tickets to go. [/size]

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Updated list:



dean36014 38 dean36014 3 Andrewy 51 Andrewy 14 Faberge Greggs 19 Jim Bell 37 Jim Bell 44 Jim Bell 52 Jim Bell 41 spartacus 26 spartacus 27 spartacus 6 loserone 56 loserone 54 The Moog 55 The Moog 17 Saabnut 11 Saabnut 18 Jerzy Woking 20 Jerzy Woking 16 TheDoctor 28 TheDoctor 7 bramz7 35 bangernomics 47 RobT 9 RobT 53 GeordieInExile 15 egg 32 Bucketeer 34 Bucketeer 5 nebuchanezer 46 Kiltox 40 Kiltox 12 aldo135 8 aldo135 13 snagglepuss 24 snagglepuss 4 njgleeds (snagglepuss) 21 dean36014 22 dean36014 59 Jim Bell 2 Jim Bell 23 Ohdearme 25 Ohdearme 29 Ohdearme 12 bangernomics 48 bangernomics 39 Schafft (loserone) 31 Schafft (loserone) 33


I managed to mess up the previous list because there's html formatting in it or something, this on currently looks like a spreadsheet, so may also subsequently turn into a jumble of numbers and letters-enjoy it while you can.  


EDIT: It's done it straight away.  Baws.  

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1[/size] [/size]

2[/size] [/size]Jim Bell[/size]

3[/size] [/size]dean36014[/size]

4[/size] [/size]snagglepuss[/size]

5[/size] [/size]Bucketeer[/size]

6[/size] [/size]spartacus[/size]

7[/size] [/size]TheDoctor[/size]

8[/size] [/size]Ohdearme[/size]

9[/size] [/size]RobT[/size]

10[/size] [/size]

11[/size] [/size]Saabnut[/size]

12[/size] [/size]Kiltox[/size]

13[/size] [/size]aldo135[/size]

14[/size] [/size]Andrewy[/size]

15[/size] [/size]GeordieInExile[/size]

16[/size] [/size]Jerzy Woking[/size]

17[/size] [/size]The Moog[/size]

18[/size] [/size]Saabnut[/size]

19[/size] [/size]Faberge Greggs[/size]

20[/size] [/size]Jerzy Woking[/size]

21[/size] [/size]njgleeds (snagglepuss)[/size]

22[/size] [/size]dean36014[/size]

23[/size] [/size]Jim Bell[/size]

24[/size] [/size]snagglepuss[/size]

25[/size] [/size]Ohdearme[/size]

26[/size] [/size]spartacus[/size]

27[/size] [/size]spartacus[/size]

28[/size] [/size]TheDoctor[/size]

29[/size] [/size]Ohdearme[/size]

30[/size] [/size]aldo135[/size]

31[/size] [/size]Schafft (loserone)[/size]

32[/size] [/size]egg[/size]

33[/size] [/size]Schafft (loserone)[/size]

34[/size] [/size]Bucketeer[/size]

35[/size] [/size]bramz7[/size]

36[/size] [/size]

37[/size] [/size]Jim Bell[/size]

38[/size] [/size]dean36014[/size]

39[/size] [/size][/size]

40[/size] [/size]Kiltox[/size]

41[/size] [/size]Jim Bell[/size]

42[/size] [/size]

43[/size] [/size]

44[/size] [/size]Jim Bell[/size]

45[/size] [/size]

46[/size] [/size]nebuchanezer[/size]

47[/size] [/size]bangernomics[/size]

48[/size] [/size]bangernomics[/size]

49[/size] [/size]

50[/size] [/size]

51[/size] [/size]Andrewy[/size]

52[/size] [/size]Jim Bell[/size]

53[/size] [/size]RobT[/size]

54[/size] [/size]loserone[/size]

55[/size] [/size]The Moog[/size]

56[/size] [/size]loserone[/size]

57[/size] [/size]

58[/size] [/size]

59[/size] [/size]dean36014[/size]



EDIT: v2.1 The same numbers, but not necessarily in the same order.  And corrected by me due to cut & pasting errors. I'm out of practice with spreadsheets![/size]


EDIT #2: Fucking balls. I've done it again. List fucked.

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1 castro_bros

2 Jim Bell

3 dean36014

4 snagglepuss

5 Bucketeer

6 spartacus

7 TheDoctor

8 Ohdearme

9 RobT

10 paulscavalier

11 Saabnut

12 Kiltox

13 aldo135

14 Andrewy

15 GeordieInExile

16 Jerzy Woking

17 The Moog

18 Saabnut

19 Faberge Greggs

20 Jerzy Woking

21 njgleeds (snagglepuss)

22 dean36014

23 Jim Bell

24 snagglepuss

25 Ohdearme

26 spartacus

27 spartacus

28 TheDoctor

29 Ohdearme

30 aldo135

31 Schafft (loserone)

32 egg

33 Schafft (loserone)

34 Bucketeer

35 bramz7

36 castro_bros

37 Jim Bell

38 dean36014

39 castro_bros

40 Kiltox

41 Jim Bell

42 marm

43 marm

44 Jim Bell

45 Mr Laurence

46 nebuchanezer

47 bangernomics

48 bangernomics

49 castro_bros

50 paulscavalier

51 Andrewy

52 Jim Bell

53 RobT

54 loserone

55 The Moog

56 loserone

57 castro_bros

58 castro_bros

59 dean36014

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