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Mk1 Ford Galaxy 2.0 Aspen - £500 cash/ROFFLE £9.50/or deal.

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Retirement is lurking and fleet rationalisation is in the forefront of my thinking. The Triumph is a keeper as mentioned previously.

Mk1 1998 Ford Galaxy, manual, 2.0 petrol engine. 7 seater. Load bay is entirely flat and rather spacious. 












These were taken on the day I picked the car up. It's cleaner now generally and had new wiper blades fitted. Drives very nicely indeed. Up to date piccies further in the thread. 


Things that have been done: New wiper blades, bloody good clean inside and outside, fitted mats are fitted. Broken drivers door mirror glass replaced. New headlight bulb. Aspen badge fitted to the tailgate. AS stickers already stuck on. Bonnet release lever/catch has been cleaned and lubed and works wonderfully smoothly.


Needs: new leather gear lever gaiter is supplied but needs fitting, the original is worn. Needs the two front window wind deflector things fitting, they need a slight trim at the very front I think, or it might just be me being cack-handed. the passenger door ones have been fitted without issue. The rear plastic panel is slightly cracked, however, I have an undamaged replacement that will go with the car. 


Towbar is available (brand new one) for the bargain price of £60.


Would likely require a new thermostat as the car takes a little while to reach temperature. Front heater fan switch doesn't do anything, is likely the 'hedgehog' and as such is accessible via the lower glove box compartment. If you press the button on the dash, the rear heater works just fine. The cigarette lighter in the dash is not working but the 2 x 12v supply in the rear are fine. Could well be a fuse or the cig lighter thingy itself. Two keys, one for the door and one for the ignition switch. Rocker cover has a slight weep. 


The ride is on the soft side but I don't know if that is normal or if the shocks are a bit tired. They are not at all pricey on eBay if new ones might be the way to go and look quite simple to sort out. There were no leaks so they might be squishy by design. Maybe.


I have a replacement steering wheel that will go with the car as one of the little covers on the original wheel has decided to break. The horn still works on that side and the other one is undamaged. Some scuffs and scratches here and there. Little ding on the bottom of the drivers door. Couple of small rust blebs on the rear N/S wheel arch where it meets the rear of the sill. Easily sorted, nothing major. Car has been a Cat something or other before. I have no idea of the details. Insurance company made no noises at all about it (Admiral).


Location: now in the barn near Chelmsford, just off the A414 Ongar Road. Currently SORNED and sans insurance. 


Roffle only now, numbers priced at £9.50 per number. 






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I'll try and post some when I get home this evening. It's tidy up top, slight ding in the bottom of the drivers door IIRC but no rust or anything really horrible. She's a nice old thing. I have a better steering wheel, uncracked rear plastic panel, working proper Galaxy clock and a new gear lever gaiter. Oh and mats.

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Modern Beetle 1.6? Mondeo?


Thinking that it doesn't actually have to fit under the classic banner as I can just store it and fettle until I sell the i10 and it can go on the modernz policy.

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Fucksticks, looks like I'll be in the market for a fucking Prius/Leaf/Tesla Model S after all then. Cunts.


Another reason to move to the middle of nowhere.

Don’t sweat the ULEZ, something had to be done as the air is rank.


He’s given the true shiter an easy pass by making everything that’s historic tax class is exempt.


Thus, time to flaunt the rules and get yourself that 70’s yank you always promised yourself and cruise with impunity.

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Fucksticks, looks like I'll be in the market for a fucking Prius/Leaf/Tesla Model S after all then. Cunts.


Another reason to move to the middle of nowhere.

You don't need a Prius/leaf/whatever. You need to get your Toledo back on the road as it's exempt. ;)

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    • By NorthernMonkey
      I’m not sure if there’d be much interest in a roffle for a topless mills o’matic swede at this time of year but before I stick it down at the barn for winter, I thought I’d mention it on here...
      Its a 2006 9-3 1.8t with just under 90k miles and a good service history. It has been Mrs NMs summer chariot of choice but has now been stood down by a Berlingo diesel...the backup plan is to park it up over winter before prepping it up for sale in the spring where it would get advertised for its market value but due to the impending arrival of another toy, if someone on here wants to win it for the frankly ludicrous sum of £12.00, then step right up!!
      Good bits...
      All electrics, roof etc in good order, decent tires all round, plenty of MOT, working air con, polishes up nicely, will come with new discs and pads on the front.
      Not so good bits...
      Silly tax bracket so £48 a month to tax, occasional lambda fault which pops on EML....will reset and stay off for a month or two, slight bit of pogweasleing on the n/s front bumper where it’s had a smart repair in the past.
      Only got a few pictures to hand at the minute but if there’s any interest, I’ll stick some more up in the next day or so.
      Roffle tickets as it is are £12 each or two for £20 and the car is located near Burnley, Lancashire.
      Form an orderly queue.... 🙂

    • By bangernomics
      Roffle is go.  
      1 for £16 or 2 for £30.
      4 SamR380
      7 Jollyfkr2
      12 AstonMartin
      15 Primeradoner
      18 Doug
      22 Loserone
      25 Mitsisigma01
      26 BlackBoilerSuit
      28 Barefoot
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      Choice of top boxes either the white old one or the massive modern one for Uber eats work.
    • By dozeydustman
      Just about an hour ago I went to start my car up, had Mrs Dustman with me, to go and pick Miss Dustman up from work. Turned over fine but took a while to fire up.
      Steering felt heavy. Thought maybe as it's currently -5 + wind chill it's just cold & the fluid is thick.
      Started reversing out my bay then I was greeted with:
      "DING DONG" - ABS fault.
      "DING DONG" - ESP fault
      "DING DONG" - headlamp auto levelling not working, contact service.
      I shut the car down straight away and we went in Mrs D's Corolla.
      Alternator is less than 2 months old, it's a recon unit from Alternator Man in Portsmouth. Hoping the cold isn't killing the battery and it's taking the 'nator out with it (battery passed the drop test last time the no-charge warning came up). Looks like a session with the multimeter after work tomorrow.....
    • By TheDoctor
      Going to roffle for a fiver a ticket, two for £8, 3 for £11
      In good working order apart from the head gasket. 
      Put the ventilated header tank cap on, take it easy and bring spare water and you will be able to drive it home. 
      It doesn't overheat, just pressure in the cooling system. Cylinder compression is good. 
      MOT April 2020

    • By DialATune
      This has been dragging with the end tantalisingly in sight, so inspired by the worthy @SRi05 I'll pop it in here and see if anyone who doesn't visit 'Shite For Sale' is interested...
      Quoting now...
      After having recently gone through the fun* of selling a car on eBay, I thought I'd try my luck on here. I only bought this a couple of weeks ago on a whim, thinking it would be ideal for shooting down to France with the wife and the dog to visit the in-laws, but the wife has taken against it HARD due to the lack of air-con (she's not worried about us - it's the dog!). So it has to go.
      Bad bits first, as is AS tradition. The A/C really is gone. No amount of re-gassing will fix this! A few patches of rust here and there - none look bad enough for welding. A bit of rust converter and bondo and job jobbed was my plan. Laquer is starting to peel in a few places. The remote central locking doesn't always unlock the passenger side door (although it does always seem to lock it, which is odd). Tailgate has a decent dent in it. Nothing to do with me, it came free with the car. Tailgate still works fine, though.
      Good bits. Maybe it has been too long since I was last in a rear-wheel drive, but it feels to me like it pulls away from the line very nicely. The six-speed box feels nice and precise, and lets you trundle along at 70mph with the engine only doing about two and a half thousand revs (not had it long enough to really measure fuel efficiency). MOT until Feb and taxed to get you home.
      Located in Ipswich. I was thinking £9 per ticket, or two for £16, three for £21. Any takers?
      PRICE DROP !!!!
      £8 for one, £14 for two, £19 for three. Buy Buy Buy!!!!

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