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1951 Pontiac Chieftain - Engine bay

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I started tonight from inside the car, with the intention of removing the toe board panels that surround the brake pedal, in order to remove the brake pedal.


Little wonder this would catch on the brake as it was depressed; some ham-fisted person had smashed it into place and tightened it down on the squint.


Bashed it straight with a hammer, rubbed it down and applied rust converter.


Etch primed then painted in Nearly The Correct Blue.


Rinse and repeat 2x more. Need to buy some sheet metal bolts to hold it all together, half of them are missing.

Didn't get to pulling the pedal off, that's a task for tomorrow.



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Tonight's hugely inspirational update is brought to you by 88¢ of bolts.

I also found a piece specific to "H" VIN cars- clutch pedal blanking plate. Cleaned that up and threw a bit of paint onto it, can fit that up onto the toe-board.

I pulled my back out last night so updates may be slow...



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I hadn't thought to offer the blue up against the car. That's not a bad color match for something off the shelf at Wal-Mart.


Said plate fits into the first piece of the assembly right there.


All fitted in and held down correctly. No squeaks, clanks, rattles. Very good!



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3 hours ago, hairnet said:


corn head grease??

why corn head yall

Goes in the gearbox at the head of a corn picking machine. Apparently the shafts take a beating and the grease likes to come out. So, the grease is designed to become moderately fluid where it's worked, and slump over when it's stopped. Where it's not worked it remains moderately solid and doesn't liquefy and run through poor seals.



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A little work again tonight. The day cooled off enough to work outside.


I couldn't get the clevis pin to budge whilst on the car, so I unscrewed the master cylinder shaft out and pulled it off that way.


Straightened and cleaned the adjuster shaft, ran a tap down the threads and painted it up.


Cleaned up and painted the brake pedal.


I think possibly someone had been neglecting the lubrication schedule.


Cleaned up the clevis pin, grease nipple and rubber pad.

That concludes tonight's work. Paint is drying.



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I need to go to the hardware store and see if there's anything I can find to repurpose as a dual pipe clamp. When taking the lower heater pipe out I saw that there's a screw hole in the frame where the pipes pass through, to stop them chattering.

Also to note, both heater matrices were disconnected when I got the car, with the heater circuit bypassed. Upon removing the rubber hose, I was presented with clean yellow coolant. This is a good thing; means at least the lower matrix has had anti corrosive mixture in and by the looks of it has no major leaks.

The heater valve is all covered in staining, so I'm guessing either the valve or the matrix (or both) are toast.

I am going to remove the defroster heater box, partly because I want to paint around and behind it, partly to replace the seal that's turned to so much tar and the rest to check the matrix, flush it and see if the valve is any more good.


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