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1951 Pontiac Chieftain - Back up and running

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Just read this from the start..

Congrats on a fantastic car

you must have Balls like King Kong to tackle that Gearbox.....

and re-wiring too....Jeez no wonder the UK is fucked, we exported all our talent!!!


Hope you get that straight 8 'woofling' away nicely again

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Little bit of basic maintenance today. Pumped the tires up because at 12-14psi the steering was heavy and it was difficult to push around. 


Jacked the front up and had Glamorous Assistant grudgingly push on the brakes. Both exert enough force to prevent me turning the wheel so it's either one half of the cylinder is stuck or it's all out of adjustment (or both).

Masks coming in Tuesday because asbestos. Love the way the manual states to sand and grind the friction material...


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I think also I'm down to fighting air leaks and funky mixture because I dialed the slow running jets out (far more than suggested by the manual), which according to the book will take the car under light throttle up to about 20MPH.

At idle now it lopes and is far too rich, under light throttle it runs a lot more smoothly so the mixture is getting all jacked up. Opening the throttle results in a steady, positive acceleration so the main jets are functioning. I think the carb could probably do with a decent clean anyway- admittedly I have done nothing to it since it sat up last year and was stored dry. The manifold is sealing better but I'm sure it's not perfect- one runner drawing in air will affect 2 cylinders (or more, depending on how bad the leak) so that's the most likely culprit. New gaskets should see that better (proper thick, squishy ones) and perhaps the carb taken to bits and thoroughly cleaned out.



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Nice day yesterday so I started cleaning the car up a little more.


I decided to polish the roof. It came up well but by the time I got that far the sun was getting too hot so called an end until later.


Didn't get any further with the roof but did clean up the chrome on the back of the car. It responds well.

I need a machine polisher.



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29 minutes ago, PhilA said:

I need a machine polisher.



You really do.  Can't believe it took me so long to get around to getting mine.


Took me about an hour to do on the Lada what would have been about 1/2 a day by hand.

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On the car the redone light does look better. I need some more lacquer to do the other side.



Refitted the radiator barf tube after giving it a clean. Need to flux and solder that in place.


Strobe light shows cylinder 8 and 1 firing at the same time. Cap is certainly bad then.



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