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Invacar Model 70 Acquired! & general ramble thread, index on page 1, survivors list on page 24 :)

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I know how it is meant to be done, but like I say the corner store doesn't have a clue. I actually had to call the police out as the guy started waving a baseball bat at me!

The PO in question is on the vehicle tax list, but like I say that just goes on to talk about kiddies passports, so maybe it is a bit muddled up?

No, not seen any more on FoI request, although I did submit an internal enquiry based on the fact you had an answer. That completely thew them! LOL

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19 minutes ago, keef said:

No, not seen any more on FoI request, although I did submit an internal enquiry based on the fact you had an answer. That completely thew them! LOL

ahh thats amusing!

yeah was just wondering if you had seen my post/the fact that I did manage to get a response from them, and also my theory on what not taxed for on road use actually means :) 

looks like you have so thats good!

I have been wondering I should try and ask them to confirm my theory or not, or if I should just thank them and leave it at that...

also complicated by the whole CV situation, I don't want to sap away at what are probably stretched resources now!

maybe ill just leave it and respond in a few months time once the world is back up and running LOL

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3 minutes ago, LightBulbFun said:

maybe ill just leave it and respond in a few months time once the world is back up and running LOL

I assume they have everyone working from home, so there is a chance things are actually smother running now. :)

They will only work at their own pace anyway, so doesn't matter when you follow it up.

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3 hours ago, keef said:


heres a cleaned up desktop site link for those on a desktop :)

(and heres the link inside the FB post http://www.365daysofmotoring.com/showonthisday/article/557 )


that post is amusing, while the 31st of March was the supposed deadline, about 33 Model 70 soldiered on in service past the date due to problems adapting normal cars that were not designed for disabilities to these Model 70 users

the last of these DHSS Model 70's was TJN352R which remained in service until the 14th of october 2004! (which thankfully survives although I dont think the museum that has it knows of its significance as being the last Model 70 in government service sadly)

and as is well known here they where never banned and amusingly once again the person on making that post used a picture of a private Model 70 the government had no control over LOL

I appreciate the heads up tho :) 

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got confirmation that the Model 70 pictured here is MEV419P so I have updated MEVs entry in the survivors list with it :) 


also took the opportunity to update Dolly's entry to highlight her unusual dash mounted choke/heater controls that I have not seen in any other Model 70 :) 


also found this! https://www.theminirestorationcompany.co.uk/projects/marco-karen-s-project

looks like any other Mini these days right?


but check this out!, thats right its a DHSS supplied mini :) contrary to popular belief the invalid vehicle service did supply adapted normal cars to certain people depending on the situation especially to married couples, at first Morris minors then Minis


I waited till stuart was available to confirm that what I was looking at was indeed a DHSS mini and to get some extra info :) (hence only posting it now, but I came across it while digging up a picture of DYO833C)

sadly its been stripped of all its DHSS features bar the the info plaque, which as it says, Reselco was the primary provider of hand controls for normal cars to the DHSS

I had known of the government Minors and Minis (Dennis and Marion Webb had a government Minor for a while for example)

 but had never seen one otherwise in detail, and I had wondered if they like the DHSS's Invalid vehicles if they had little government property and contract plaques, looks like indeed they did :) 

its a shame its been stripped of all its unique features otherwise would be neat to see how it would of been setup


also stuart told me that when he got MVW446P about 20 years ago, he did notice the starter dog and did try and hand start it using an old hillman husky starting handle he had (still has even LOL) but sadly he says he was unable to hand start his Model 70 due to the gearing of things supposedly not allowing enough engine rotation per swing of the starting handle,

I still want to find a suitable starting handle and try myself/see another shitter try and hand start a Model 70 (he said the Husky starting handle was not a perfect fit so perhaps that was causing issues too?) 


also finally got a chance to discuss this picture with stuart, have posted it here wondering what the brown invalid vehicle is


and now we are both wondering! my best guess currently is a Tippen Delta, but it would be interesting to see if anyone here has any other ideas! @busmansholiday ya seemed to know a bit about the match you wouldn't happen to know if there are other photos/video of the same match? hopefully one without a pesky footballer standing in the way of the lineup of carriages? :mrgreen:

On 5/26/2019 at 12:53 PM, busmansholiday said:

That's Maine Road Manchester, the old home of City (v Stoke looking at that).

I knew that before clicking on the pic and going "search Google for this image".

Try it, I notice amongst the stock images form Alamy that were similar were other grounds with Invacars, including a bit of video. Something to do on a Sunday.


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On 3/25/2020 at 6:31 PM, LightBulbFun said:

TWC's MOT is also expiring soon, so it will be interesting to see if it gets extended or not given she is MOT exempt

looks like TWC's MOT has indeed been extended :)  (DVLA page is still saying 4th of april but that always lags behind)


cc @dollywobbler

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35 minutes ago, High Jetter said:

Just watched TV programme on driving tests, did you see it Des? Intrigued that's there's a school specifically catering for disabled. Standards were very poor, IMHO

ah I dont think so, I dont watch TV these days

but yeah, as my mum says, theres knowing how to pass a test and then there's knowing how to drive, and says sadly most people only know/can do the former!

(I must have the only 3 letter name no one knows how to spell correctly :mrgreen: )


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25 minutes ago, LightBulbFun said:

wonder what the story behind this is! looks a bit too well put together to be a random/chance recording, perhaps the user of KPC532P was known for stopping for pigeons so someone setup a camera to record it? :)

continuing to over analyze it, I think perhaps the second part of the video may have actually been a chance recording

but with the first part recorded later to say "this is a pigeon" cuz ya know no ones ever seen one of those before! LOL


it just has me somewhat perplexed LOL just that little random/unexpected especially for 1991, where someone would have had to have been actively recording on a proper video camera

rather then today where someone could quickly record something with a smartphone etc

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managed to dig up some more neat photos :) 

first is this Mk12 pic, notable for its unusual registration mark, as mentioned in previous posts the 2 essex registration marks OO and WC where only introduced/added in the 1960s

and rather then say starting from 3 digits 3 letters which is where all of Essex's other marks where at (xxxAEV for example) or such Essex issue its new marks in all previous formats, OOxxxx then swapping round xxxxOO before finally doing AOOxxx then xxxAOO etc 

but as this the 1960's I had wondered if any Mk12's had been given these normally 1900s-1930's format registration marks and it is neat to finally see one :) 

(I just have to find a picture of a reverse 4 digit 2 letter plated Mk12 now!)




next up is this neat picture of an AC Acedes Mk15 Model 67, notable because I had found this Model 67 on the DVLA before I ever knew there was a picture of it on the internet! during my Model 67 research period where I went through all the Model 67 chassis numbers to find as many blocks as I could :) so its neat to see a picture of it exists!





next is a neat picture of a steam loco hauling an AC Model 64 :) 




and finally picture of an abandoned looking Model 70, they mention Sussex I wonder if its one of the field find cars?

or if its not, I wonder if its still there or if its been saved? :) would be neat to save if its still there, or at least get its details!

does anyone recognise the location?





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