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Invacar Model 70 Acquired! and general ramble thread, index on page 1, Phase 2: finding a suitable driving school/instructor getting lessons and a licence! 29th lesson had! Model 64 V62 sent!

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Maxis are interesting as they can appear as one of three makes on DVLA records :-

Austin e.g. my KRW794

Leyland Cars e.g. previously owned WOD389S

Austin Morris e.g. my FKE467V

No doubt there are some that appear as Make: Unknown and maybe as Make: Austin-Morris. I often wonder why there are two AMs; one with and one without the hyphen.

I love the mis-spelling of Invacar, giving another model to search for? Invicar. Does this actually appear in HML stats?

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4 minutes ago, keef said:

Dots, dashes, slashes and spaces shouldn't really be counted in chassis number searches as different people input different charecters. It gets even worse with engine numbers as most of the time prefixes or suffixes weren't entered and they can tell you a lot about a car and it's engine.

Take one model of A40 for example. Chassis number for a 1098cc saloon should be AA2S9 xxxxxx and engine number 10DUH xxxxxx

Often seen as A-A2S9 or even AA/259 (note the S for saloon being entered as a 5).

Engine numbers can have any number of dashes or spaces etc. e.g. 10-D-UH xxxxxx

It really needs some standardization, but obviously older vehicles aren't going to be included.

indeed I have encountered all of those such anomalies in my invalid vehicle research

another one to watch out for is, the letter I and the letter O will always be the numbers 1 and number 0 on the DVLA etc when it comes to chassis numbers


but I think the dots in the chassis number are something different as i have noticed them across many different vehicles and noticed certain anomalies about them as documented above

(and as mentioned the chassis numbers of Model 70's do not have any punctuation in them, so im curious as to where those dots come from, as they cant have come from the vehicles themselves)

I did wonder if it was a way to differentiate 2 vehicles with the same chassis number on the DVLA computer, but I have seen these dots in chassis numbers where I really doubt theres another vehicle with the same chassis number (like my own Invacar which has a pretty unique chassis number)

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6 minutes ago, keef said:

I love the mis-spelling of Invacar, giving another model to search for? Invicar. Does this actually appear in HML stats?

nah they either just show up as "INVACAR" or "OTHER BRITISH MAKES"  so I imagine they would be under those categories in HML

(I am curious how it knows its british LOL) 

this tool seemingly uses the same "dataset" my special tool and a lot of other tools use https://www.vehiclecheck.co.uk/

so you can use it to see what your vehicle might show up as on How many left etc

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