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Any Land Rover series 2a owners on here?


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If so could I ask a favour, I need to know the diameter of the engine oil filler neck. The reason being I need an oil breather cap of the type fitted to theses vehicles for my Ford Zodiac as it has a tube coming off it to attach a breather hose, which the standard Ford cap doesn’t have and my engine does breath a bit heavy!...

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If you mean the one on top of the rocker box, then it's this one you're after:




Plenty of others on Ebay.


There's an oil filler pipe too, on the RH side of the engine, but that normally has no breather pipe fitted although the cap can look similar to the one above.

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Without being a bore I think there are at least four types of breather cap for the Series 2/3 Land Rovers. There are two types of the breather cap with pipe sticking out and I've found two without. In more detail:


1) Without breather pipe sticking out and marked in the Land Rover Series 3 parts manual as part number 247631 - I've included an image of the parts manual and there are a few for sale on eBay, like here:




2) Without breather pipe there's also another number that comes up -  546440 - as in here:



3) With breather pipe (narrow pipe at 8mm in diameter) - part no. 596203 - see photo below;


4) With breather pipe ('standard' size breather pipe at 11mm in diameter) - part no. ERC2867 - see photo below.


Land Rover part no. 596203  and ERC2867 side-by-side.




Land Rover part no. 596203  and ERC2867 showing difference in breather pipe (8mm and 11m diameter respectively).




LR parts manuals showing supposed earlier Series 3 with 11mm diameter breather pipe, part no. ERC2867 (N.b. I have a late - 1981 - Series 3 with 5 bearing crank and it has this type of breather cap).




LR parts manuals showing supposed later Series 3 without breather pipe - part no. 247631:





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