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Biggar Vintage Rally - 12/08/18 - PICTURE DUMP!

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Haven't been to this rally for a few years - family stuff gets in the way!

Usually a good event, we went in the Traveller when I had that.


Sunday is the public day, Saturday ( is/ was) competitors only.

We might go on Sunday, if things pan out.


Their web site https://www.albion-trust.org.uk/albion-rally

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Yes spotted it to. Just a girl sitting in the passenger seat. Did'nt wish to appear creepy and say "i know your boyfriend off the internet"  :shock: Popped back later by car empty 

Lot less cars than some years but still good. Got a good look at the buses and lorrys too. Great plate on a bus for someone on here too.




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I didn't make the show as I spent the day in a sodden wet field in Perthshire.



Fucks sake. Wrong sodden wet field...


I slept in on the morning of the show and woke up 45mins late, then the car wouldn't start because the weather was wet and it took 10 mins to actually get it going. Then I put some air in the tyres as they were all in the 18-23psi range rather than the 30ish they should have been, which explained why the handling had been boat like. By this point I was very late so bombed down the motorway at 70-75mph in the pouring rain, the resulting water trail disguised the burning oil although about 3/4 of the way there both me an Girlfriend_70's started feel vaguely unwell from the smell...


The weather actually wasn't too bad, it spent a surprising amount of time not raining. I also managed to resist buying any junk from the stalls.


Anyway, here is a random selection of pictures from the show, starting with old shite:


42206431030_64327d89b8_c.jpgDSC_3679 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr


42206430220_51093289b5_c.jpgDSC_3688 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206430110_742ee7013e_c.jpgDSC_3689 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206429730_5744ca1be2_c.jpgDSC_3693 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr



Then some Prime Shite Shite:


29078341387_2943a159b0_c.jpgDSC_3701 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr


29078352697_77a6bb8ae0_c.jpgDSC_3714 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206427800_68d8c507b9_c.jpgDSC_3719 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206427260_70117dccb2_c.jpgDSC_3727 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

29078351297_5a1ff0e3e1_c.jpgDSC_3730 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206426400_69e3af649c_c.jpgDSC_3736 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

29078350117_158998ee0a_c.jpgDSC_3740 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206424270_f9e64c2a27_c.jpgDSC_3763 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

44015637991_8334674a20_c.jpgDSC_3747 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206425030_6d1137865a_c.jpgDSC_3756 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

43967074432_81587e46ce_c.jpgDSC_3761 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206424360_912cbd967a_c.jpgDSC_3762 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206424070_c31638e0ce_c.jpgDSC_3766 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206425870_c48999b574_c.jpgDSC_3744 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

29078352427_51687627fd_c.jpgDSC_3718 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr


Some proper classics shite:


44015638701_ae59a6dc56_c.jpgDSC_3704 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206428890_2fcf5b8d42_c.jpgDSC_3705 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206426960_32b05fd53e_c.jpgDSC_3729 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206427970_b121922ecd_c.jpgDSC_3716 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

29078351767_bd8e381f42_c.jpgDSC_3726 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206425250_7132136a79_c.jpgDSC_3754 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206425440_b285336b3f_c.jpgDSC_3751 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

43967073292_6fde417820_c.jpgDSC_3832 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr



Some 320Touring shite with bonus WOODAGE:




Some lorry shite:


42206422740_9178b28e56_c.jpgDSC_3781 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

29078346147_f9ac935a09_c.jpgDSC_3786 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206422240_d1fe1dd85f_c.jpgDSC_3788 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206420390_4cfd256b0c_c.jpgDSC_3817 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206423120_d5972a6a52_c.jpgDSC_3776 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr


Some bus shite:


42206423490_db09789fe8_c.jpgDSC_3771 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206423410_4b620c063b_c.jpgDSC_3772 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

42206423280_9322147cf3_c.jpgDSC_3774 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr


Some bike shite:


29078343037_291557ae4b_c.jpgDSC_3821 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr

29078342667_07186797ac_c.jpgDSC_3824 (Copy) by Anthony Eastwood, on Flickr






Overall a good show, I think my girlfriend is now simply relieved that I don't collect lorries or busses although she is fine with stationary engines... We buggered off home at about half 2ish and took the scenic route back on the A roads. When we eventually rejoined the M8 it was no longer raining and the Doloshite left an impressive blue vapour trail on the overrun. 

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