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Citroën Ami 6 Break – £2000

Sam Glover

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Does anyone fancy a 1965 Ami 6 Break that’s lightly broken? It needs light recommissioning and a gearbox rebuild.

It’s very rust-free and it hasn’t been welded, but it has been resprayed at some stage in its original colour. I recommissioned six years ago with new brakes, new Michelin tyres, electronic ignition and various other bits-and-pieces, then drove it to La Traversée de Paris. It thrummed along excellently… really quite nippy. Unfortunately, though, the transaxle started making a nasty knocking noise on the final leg of the return trip. I never got round to investigating. The seats have been retrimmed quite badly, it lacks carpets, the doorcards are present but need fitting and the tailgate’s exterior trim is missing. Otherwise, it’s a good ‘un.
Selling it on has never been on the agenda. The fact that it hasn’t made it into the workshop in six years, however, probably means that it never will.
Price: £2000ish.
It’s near Cirencester.
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This is very, very, very cheap for an Ami, even a broken one. Should I be aware of a plummet in value?


Don't worry, the estates have always been worthless! Even the best saloon in the world is only worth £5k in this country, there just isn't a market for them. top tip - don't invest in French cars

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That looks great and a barg too ...


Going on what's being asked for them these days.


Would lose the signwriting though!



This is very, very, very cheap for an Ami, even a broken one. Should I be aware of a plummet in value?

I was really disappointed to get £2250 for this on eBay a few years ago ...


I had about 30 enquiries, some from Holland and Belgium ...


But the reality was only 5 people actually bid on it.




And yes,it was every bit as good as it looks.

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...so while Scott mulls this over, here's a 'can you guess all seven non-Citroëns in the photograph' procrastination exercise. Hint: they're all East European or Russian.


To save fucking around now this bumping exercise is obsolete:
Left to right – Rodacar, ZAZ Tavria, Moskvich Aleko, Tarpan 233S, Skoda 105, IZh 2125, Żuk
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