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Jim Bell

North East meet. 11/08/18 19:00

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Evening Northern shitterists.


There will be a meeting of likeminded car folk in North Shields on Saturday the 11th of August. Down by the river at the fish quay, there will be fish and chips available till about 20:00. Its a nice big car park and theres the Staithes pub across the way for folks who are that way inclined.


Hub-nutter Dollywobbler should be in attendance so here is your chance to buy a decal and offer him a chip.


Would be nice to see a few of your cars and faces so if youve nothing much else on, pop down for handshakes and natterings.


Obviously, absolutely everyone is welcome, no matter what youre driving.

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Loserone tipped me off on this via PM so I'm down as a maybe here.  No promises.  I'll be in the Princess if I can make it.  Mike might chug along in the Supra too.


Sweet, be nice to see yous.  And the cars.  SUPRA EVNY.



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Be great to see you man. They talk very propper in both the Shields's.

Very much looking forward to my first autoshite mini-meet event type thing.


That and winning my first roffle. A long overdue event imho......

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Isn't plan B always to sit in your car with your fish and chips and then having the fan on max and the window down as far as you dare so the rain doesn't come in so the windows demist?

Literally every family trip to the seaside ever taken in the uk

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.... Walked all along the path, up over the grass hill onto the carpark, bought extremely expensive 99 from 'man-in-van' then toddled all the way back. Sun was stove baking it :)


Holidays @home.... for all the family*


*anklebiter completed the whole thing staring at her iphone6 [strangely attentive when ice creams were discussed] and was totally disinterested when I offered to explain the history/relevance of the 'High Light & Low Light' navigation beacons :( Kids, eh?

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