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On 8/5/2021 at 10:10 PM, aotb said:

Hello! Been lurking for a while, I think Schaefft first mentioned here a few years ago, but I only just got around to signing up. My car history is mostly early 2000s Japanese tat, with the exception of a Polo that I'd prefer not to talk about. My daily driver is a 2005 MR2 Roadster as seen interloping at  FOTU, and seen here next to something much nicer.



I've had this one for a year, with many trips planned, but FOTU was the first major trip out instead of just running about locally.  Not my first MR2, I did have a 2002 model before this one that had everything wrong with it. This one is  currently standard, but as it's both drinking and leaking oil from every orifice I have a 2ZZ conversion in the works with an engine from a ratty Corolla 190. Bought as a complete car that the 'clutch slightly slipping' which as it was gumtree meant that getting to 40mph is an achievement.  As it still had a ticket for a few months I swapped a new clutch in- the slippage was caused by a pressure plate spring exploding- and ran it until the MOT was out to check it out. Sold some parts from that so I'm in to it for very little. For peace of mind I stripped the engine down and it's now at the stage of having the bottom end back together. The weekend project is to get the valve stem seals changed and it mostly reassembled. Needs to be finished for a potential Alps Roadtrip in two months. 

The second car is one of several Ignis Sports I've had. This one used to belong to my grandmother, who gave up driving a couple of years ago. - I tried to sell it, but got fed up of being messed around. It's not used all that much but I do enjoy driving it when I do.   It's also done a  couple of Targa Rallies in a very amateur fashion . 


The major project is a Metro, but not the one which most people think of. It's a 1959 International Metro Mite, which I'm in the very slow process of getting on the road. Much smaller than it appears and surprisingly has a BL link. The original engine was a 1.5l B Series with a manual gearbox,  even at the time was regarded as underpowered. This was dropped after a couple of years and replaced by the international 6 cylinder. It's all parts bin, the rear axle is from a Willys Jeep. Leaf springs all round. This one had already been imported,  but I tracked down where it had been sold in the states, which was from a collectibles shop in Montana.  They are thin on the ground over there, the importer of this one has brought another over and I know of one in the Netherlands. 




The engine was seized, and given the reputation of underpower I went a different route. For simplicity of shifting (due to the engine position by  your feet) I wanted a simple, reliable, fairly compact setup with good aftermarket support. 


Yes, this is a silly idea. It's a mildly rotten Eunos that a local breaker had. Off the road for a several  years and nobody wants an auto. Only 60000 miles and ran like a dream. I've made some progress on the body, clearing off old underseal and epoxy coating underneath, but got pretty bored of that so it ended up sitting for a long time. The engine and gearbox are mounted in and fit well, next task is probably build the loom to get things running. The body is mostly straight and rust free but does need  repair in places, the small patches I can tackle, the large panel that had an inch of filler coverings all the dents, not so much. Some people will be annoyed that the patina will be going, but it was bought for a purpose and will be a working vehicle. Needs to be done for next summer, so I must make some progress once the MR2 is done!

Excellent! Another MR2 Roadster owner joins the fold! @dome on here has also 2ZZ his MR2. I bought a scruffy Corolla T Sport for the same reason but ended up selling as our son was due shortly after and I just couldn't justify the spend at the time. I do intend to try again though. 

Here's mine when I was messing around with some wheels. 

Keep us posted on your 2ZZ endeavours!


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