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1990 Alfa Romeo 164 Twin Spark Lusso, 122k Basingstoke £650 or £12 a ticket.

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Pretty tired of this thing. I had bought it on promises it was a good one, and whilst that is 50% true, I worry about how much of a huge commitment this car has become. The seller was clearly desperate to sell and I rushed into it, like a blind fool. This asking price is a massive loss to me, but I just want it gone.


So, it's a pretty old 164 as they go. Early twin spark with the timing chain, and it sounds delicious. Has done a touch over 122k, but the engine doesn't feel like it's done that much. 


The Good:


-Good engine and gearbox. Very quick if pushed, feels more like a GT car than a big weighty saloon at times, and it handles very well. The earlier cars suffered from odd handling quirks if pushed hard but it's pretty easy to get used to it. 

-Straight for a 28 year old car, only a couple of marks on the body. 

-4 very good Zender alloys. I got the usual waffle of 'they're worth loads' from the seller, don't really personally care, as the fact they perform well as wheels is more important than supposed value

-Interior is in good shape, the seats are insanely comfortable. Dashboard seems to be free of much damage and aging. 

-Sunroof works, as do all 4 windows. 

-Central locking works

-Good enough on fuel to suggest running issues are not a thing

-Recent(ish) new clutch.

-Heater matrix is fine.

-Electric aeriel works but...

-Just look at it!!!


The Bad:


-Seller said it wasn't rusty. Bullshit. Literal bullshit. Bottom of the rear arches are letting go but haven't crumbled yet. Lots of bits underneath which I suspect need some rust converter applying to.

-Wheel wobble. I think one of the front tyres needs replacing.

-Not sure if the fan works. Might need a new stat, might need the fan wiring sorting.

-Slight knock on N/S rear. Likely a bush.

-Someone has bodged the brake light switch. So the lights jam on. Sorted it for now, but will need attention.

-Not the longest MOT.

-Crack in bottom corner of windscreen, and its gone milky. Won't fail MOT though.

-Lost all hydraulic clutch fluid today, but it may have just been low...doesn't seem to be leaking as the level didn't drop on the way home once I was rescued.

-No fuggin lock in the boot! Releases from the dash, but for the love of god, do not disconnect the battery and close the boot!

-Interior door handle on the O/S rear has snapped off. Agh.

-Electric mirrors do not work.

-Original stereo doesn't seem to be getting any power to it.

-Would get new wipers...



So, see it as a rolling project. Will be a mighty fine car when sorted but fuck it, I have gone off it due to the dick of a seller I bought it from. Hence the absurd honesty of this advert. 

I would like £800 or will entertain swaps for cars which FJ are happy to swap the policy to, and it can be literally anything. I have no remit for what the swap can be, just drop me a message and try me. 


Here are some photos.


43361169622_36d4df304d_b.jpgfullsizeoutput_1738 by Sam Osbon, on Flickr


43361166692_520a740e15_b.jpgfullsizeoutput_1739 by Sam Osbon, on Flickr


29538740368_41642a9ccd_b.jpgfullsizeoutput_173b by Sam Osbon, on Flickr


29538738198_afddb242c8_b.jpgfullsizeoutput_173c by Sam Osbon, on Flickr


43409083631_a3835ca671_b.jpgfullsizeoutput_173d by Sam Osbon, on Flickr


28539589327_1b0a4b6fc0_b.jpgfullsizeoutput_173e by Sam Osbon, on Flickr


42692623144_b7ac832210_b.jpgfullsizeoutput_173f by Sam Osbon, on Flickr


28539584877_5549e21e13_b.jpgfullsizeoutput_1740 by Sam Osbon, on Flickr


28539582587_ea033e4285_b.jpgfullsizeoutput_1741 by Sam Osbon, on Flickr


43361137522_7be8835172_b.jpgfullsizeoutput_1742 by Sam Osbon, on Flickr


28539577877_06f645c228_b.jpgfullsizeoutput_1743 by Sam Osbon, on Flickr


42505026965_6e16bc1130_b.jpgfullsizeoutput_1744 by Sam Osbon, on Flickr


Yes the headlight washers work.


I am in Basingstoke and yes I will deliver. 



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Stunning car! I had no idea twin sparks had 2 separate distributors! When you say the boot has no lock has the lock under the badge just been blanked over or something?

The lock has been removed completely. Just another thing on the ever growing list the previous owner neglected to tell me. 



Damn, I'm sorry you didn't make it home under your own steam from the festival today :(

Seen this in the metal today and can confirm that it is a deeply sexy piece of thing.


It did get going and drive back fine in the end, the RAC chap had hydraulic fluid with him, thankfully. Like I said, it's not streaming out, so if there is a leak it must be pretty minimal. 



It's not exactly hanging.


No it's not hanging at all. It's just frustrating. 

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Looks clean, them back arches look ok. We have all been there when you buy a car and it fucks up and then decide to get rid. I can always remember I bought a uno turbo mk2 drove to petrol station from guys house filled tank, 30 quids worth started draining back out onto forecourt. I drove it home changed tank and flogged it 2 days after, if owt happens in first day it's a bad omen to me. Fir a 164 though they are minor issues.

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The back arches are far better than that 10 year old Honda FRV we had


Everything else sounds typical for a barge thats not been valuable for most of its life and is on its daily shakedown towards its 30th year...


I have access to two parts 164s here in my hometown so the lock, handle and slave should be sortable with minimal bother and expense


It's got the early dash so if the dash blower fan is operating with the directions ok that's a bonus as these ate stepper motors


I could consider swappage ideas for my Rover that went to FOTU and FOD yesterday

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My partner's Dad had a 164 3.0 and reckoned it was the best car he ever had.  Still has it, in fact but it's been sat for 20 years.  Love it.


He wouldn't be my partner's Dad if I bought this, I'm afraid.  He'd just be an interesting guy that I once knew!

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Price dropped. I just want it gone. This is the cheapest roadworthy 164 for sale anywhere now.


I cannot entertain swaps now. I need the money more. I don't want roffles either as they take too long. Unless theres a rush on £12 a ticket.

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Okay, lets get a Roffle going. It might peter out, but it might not. Let's see. 


£12 a ticket sadly, but you do get one of Pininfarinas best ever designs. Second to the 605. Ha. 


Will deliver for costs involved.

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Sorry Bramz, Ive been rattling around tinternet with a hypothetical 600 quid in my pocket, I couldn't quite stretch to the 100hp panda, missed the 605 and got the xantia for a snip at 320. This would have been my consolation prize for sure, and I have the space for it.

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      Steering felt heavy. Thought maybe as it's currently -5 + wind chill it's just cold & the fluid is thick.
      Started reversing out my bay then I was greeted with:
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      I shut the car down straight away and we went in Mrs D's Corolla.
      Alternator is less than 2 months old, it's a recon unit from Alternator Man in Portsmouth. Hoping the cold isn't killing the battery and it's taking the 'nator out with it (battery passed the drop test last time the no-charge warning came up). Looks like a session with the multimeter after work tomorrow.....
    • By TheDoctor
      Going to roffle for a fiver a ticket, two for £8, 3 for £11
      In good working order apart from the head gasket. 
      Put the ventilated header tank cap on, take it easy and bring spare water and you will be able to drive it home. 
      It doesn't overheat, just pressure in the cooling system. Cylinder compression is good. 
      MOT April 2020

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      This has been dragging with the end tantalisingly in sight, so inspired by the worthy @SRi05 I'll pop it in here and see if anyone who doesn't visit 'Shite For Sale' is interested...
      Quoting now...
      After having recently gone through the fun* of selling a car on eBay, I thought I'd try my luck on here. I only bought this a couple of weeks ago on a whim, thinking it would be ideal for shooting down to France with the wife and the dog to visit the in-laws, but the wife has taken against it HARD due to the lack of air-con (she's not worried about us - it's the dog!). So it has to go.
      Bad bits first, as is AS tradition. The A/C really is gone. No amount of re-gassing will fix this! A few patches of rust here and there - none look bad enough for welding. A bit of rust converter and bondo and job jobbed was my plan. Laquer is starting to peel in a few places. The remote central locking doesn't always unlock the passenger side door (although it does always seem to lock it, which is odd). Tailgate has a decent dent in it. Nothing to do with me, it came free with the car. Tailgate still works fine, though.
      Good bits. Maybe it has been too long since I was last in a rear-wheel drive, but it feels to me like it pulls away from the line very nicely. The six-speed box feels nice and precise, and lets you trundle along at 70mph with the engine only doing about two and a half thousand revs (not had it long enough to really measure fuel efficiency). MOT until Feb and taxed to get you home.
      Located in Ipswich. I was thinking £9 per ticket, or two for £16, three for £21. Any takers?
      PRICE DROP !!!!
      £8 for one, £14 for two, £19 for three. Buy Buy Buy!!!!

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