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A car to play with- swap for electric bicycle?

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I'm looking for something to tinker with over the next few months, but due to having been paid crappy wages for a while and only just starting a new job (yay!), I don't have much money.


So, I have had the brilliant idea of either selling or swapping my electric bike (as I don't really need the electrical assist).


The Car:

Must be - Older than 1992 and running - MOT if poss.

Would like - Small, Japanese with more than 3 seats.

So I'll probably end up with a broken 1994 Volvo.  :-D



The Bike:

As per picture below, but does not have the rear pannier anymore as this was used to repair another bike. 

Battery is only a few months old and has probably had less than 15 charges. (Lifetime is apparently 900)


36v, 3 motor speeds. Folding Bike. Will do around 15mph on the flat. Range is about 15-20 miles depending on how much assist / how many hills / how many pies.




Similar bikes, used but manufacturer refurbished, go for 4-500 quid, but I'll say value of 2-300 for swaps. (I'll probably advertise it at £275 and accept offers)




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This,  Citreom AX -  ex of a few shiters which  - presently awaiting a few bits for MOT, there are 2 new shocks to be fitted and a driveshaft when I manage to get the correct one  Howevers  the two things on the front which look a little like spot lamp covers are the mounts for the special towing "A"  frame which is also included thus it becomes an under 750kg unbraked trailer ideal for towing behind your motorhome.   Currently sitting on someone's driveway with a promise to have it moved before they get back from holiday which obviously will be a missed deadline so ....








  • Emissions not tested due to exhaust ( (d))
  • Exhaust has a major leak of exhaust gases rear (6.1.2 (a))
  • Drive shaft joint constant velocity boot split or insecure, no longer prevents the ingress of dirt offside front outer (6.1.7 (g) (ii))
  • Shock absorbers has a serious fluid leak offside front (5.3.2 ( B))
  • Service brake efficiency below requirements (1.2.2 (a) (i))


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