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For Chod & Ulster: NEXT MEET-UP??

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12 hours ago, The_Equalizer said:

I was about to say I like the wheels. I guess what I should say is I like the front wheels what with the rears looking like they are a totally different style.

Only the finest quality motors at Ballyclare... you know that!

(Mind you, we're assuming that the nearside and offside wheels also match...)

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On the road today for a meeting, so took the opportunity to swing past Ballyclare on the way back... (obviously, I'm still kicking myself for missing the pogweaseled Renault Fuego last week)

A strangely familiar rump greeted me...


Well well well, if it isn't @R9UKE 's septic-plated  Lexus ES300 in all its glory...


Three litres of far-eastern V6 goodness, brought to you via Maryland and rural Co. Fermanagh. Mmmm. Velour interior was very clean and very lovely.

Arches slightly more in need of some tidying, but a lovely motor nonetheless... if I remember, it's the non-functioning dash which is causing the bother on this one (TADTS).


Still, it's in significantly better nick than its much newer neighbour...



Ew. Crusty. Doubtless some Rathcoole Cowboy will be delighted with this later on.


So what else caught my eye?




Yep, it's a V6 Sport. Slightly bleary of eye, but reasonably clean overall. Not with the glorious red leather interior, sadly.


You can always tell when a Jaguar's had a genuinely careful owner, because they collect all the trim bits that fall off and keep them all together in a little heap. Bless.

Otherwise, a bit samey today - plenty of shagged Audis, crispy Accords and low-cost-big-liability Land Rover products.


Fiat Croma is an unusual sight. This one boasted a whole two weeks' MOT left, which inspires CONFIDENCE.



Early 2000s Poxhalls, Doom-Diamonds and Pewjoes. Meh.

Oh, hello.


Not so many booted Polos about these days (ok, so it's a Spaniard wearing a German mask).

Shiteworthiness points boosted significantly for ROI plates but no accompanying paperwork, for simply hours of fun dealing with endless DVLA forms and on-hold music. Where else could you possibly buy so much bureaucratic heartache for so little? Nowhere, that's where.

Kinesthesic parking sensors in evidence here, as with much of Ballyclare's fine wares.


What was I saying again about low cost, big liability?





Over at the far side of the yard is what appears to be an embryonic Rotten Row, comprising cars that have been through the ring but, for one reason or another, neither their new owner or the previous keeper wants them enough to arrange transport.

Not a great advert for the once-mighty SAAB, is it?


The two closest, SEZ and MEZ, were sitting in a row across the yard back in March, but with no ring docket visible on the screen. With this sidelining, their future maybe isn't looking rosy. Same for the ropey-looking big Audi, and... ooh.


I really hope someone takes pity on this reasonable-looking K10 Micra; scarce wee things locally now.

Just as I was leaving (duty calls), an oul fella rolled into the yard in this...


Chock-full o'wob, and I'm not sure if he was there to buy or sell - but what a cracking heap. This place never disappoints.


Ideally, I'd like to pop back up later tonight and see to what dizzy heights these assorted sheds ascend, but I suspect I've enough to be doing later on, sadly.

But! We really must get another proper social event in the calendar for the Nordie bunch...

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Impressive lot of mangled rot boxes in true Ballyclare style. I was very tempted to pop up on Wednesday too, but I had your [stoney faced] MoT tester and the Jag impressively failed its MoT on front brakes (fair enough), broken front spring (no idea how that happened) and the World's smallest rust hole. I will not doubt go on about this at another point, but it would be jolly good for another NI catch up.

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Daah… sorry to hear about the Jag - hopefully those won't be dreadfully difficult bits to fix (springs are a DIY pain best avoided, I'd imagine).
How are we all fixed for next Wednesday, say?
Next Wednesday may actually work for me

Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk

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22 hours ago, Datsuncog said:

Daah… sorry to hear about the Jag - hopefully those won't be dreadfully difficult bits to fix (springs are a DIY pain best avoided, I'd imagine).

How are we all fixed for next Wednesday, say?

Next Wednesday sounds great provided I have not forgotten I am doing something (this often happens). I am sure my missus will set me straight.

I have done springs on the my previous Merc, but these look in a different league and I will probably bottle it. I have been buying calipers and the like. All in it is going to be goodbye £1K - ouch!

Would be good to see you lot. Where's Faker?


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