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The mightly blue Marina passion wagon

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Yesterday i made a start looking at what I've bought and cleaning a few bits, firstly i could tell the 25000 miles was geunine, I've never seen a Marina with so little rust, i mean just no rust, ok it has a few storage marks and scuffs but nothing a touch up won't tidy.










I got the rear wheels off and pressure washed inside the arches, they are like new, no rust anywhere!






annoyly at this point my 4 year old £140 Karcher pressure washer decided to seized up which proper pee'd me off and wasted over a hour trying to fix it, never the less i carried on cleaning the boot area and spare wheel wheel out, i seem to have forgotten to take photos here but again there's no rust or damage, it's still got its unused original spare.






The front carpet is sun damaged so I'm going to remove both carpets and have a go at dying them black again, i haven't done that before.




The interior needs a tidy up and clean but it's all there, the igition barrell was damaged because the key was missing but it's comes with a new one to fit and the cowling.








There's no headroom in the back of these!




The engine bay got a quick wash and looks better for it.




There seems to be a lot of wax all over the lower half, I'm guessing it's been done prior to storage?.








But there you go, jobs on the list are to refit fuel tank, refit ignition barrel and cowling, fix the brakes, a fuel service, replace a couple of missing trim bits and buy a set of tin raised digit plates from Tippers and then it's on the road again, i guess technically it doesn't even need MOTing now either?. I still think that i will though.

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RE the carpet....Do a Mike Brewer and spray paint it......


there IS a carpet dye out there but IIRC its VERY messy and very hit n miss if it works!!

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Another brilliant save, and what a corker. Beautiful colour, beautiful condition - this sounds like a fantasy come true.


Maybe the best, most original  and lowest miles Marina Estate left? I'm assuming MarinaJosh can advise?



Just for giggles, here's an archive pic of me having a bash at rustproofing my dad's 1978 Super estate.




What an exercise in futility. The thing was already rotten as a pear, resprayed once and on its second set of sills despite not even being six years old yet.


Still, I'd love one!


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Fantastic Marina! :-)

My Dad had a 1978 Marina 1.8 Super estate too, in the same colour blue. It had chrome hubcaps and beige velour seats. IIRC, it ended up with a 'mix & match' engine using the bottom end from our old J4 van and the top end from itself. This gave it the ability to be started with a starting handle, which caused much amusement along the lines of 'Didn't you get one with yours?' questions of bemused onlookers...

I thought the estate variant looked the nicest. The higher waistline of the rear side windows was a neat finish to the upsweep in the quarter window of the rear door.

Vulgalour had some success with cleaning and dyeing the faded Paprika carpets on the purple Princess:

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My brother had one in 1987,it seized up on the M4.Later I managed to start it up and drove it at 30mph, which was all it would do,up the hard shoulder and into Chepstow, where I abandoned it and got the bus home.A few weeks later I fitted an engine I bought for £30 and it ran better than ever.The next summer both my brothers took it on a 3000 mile camping tour around Scotland.When they got back it was put in for an MOT, which it failed on 18 separate items,and was then scrapped at ten years old.

The condition of Trigger's car is almost miraculous.

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The condition is amazingly good. I'm just sat in it at the moment looking at stuff, 1976 dates wiring loom




Leyland cars sticker




Hard to read but last anti freeze change on 17-10-79 sticker




No rust on the doors at all




And that's the only rust on the arches



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Apparently this is Tahiti Blue with Regal blue interior, Pageant is a bit lighter. Not sure how soon the turn around will be on this one as everything is taking 10 times longer than usual having a toddler in the terrible twos stage in the household...!

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Ace find. I'm not sure I've seen this spec before. It looks proper crossover to me, MK1 style seats with a MK2 style dash. Might make it ultra rare.


I had a 1.3 SDL with drum brakes and then a 1.8TC late mk1 saloon with velour inferior. The TC was in 'Chundra' Green with pale green Bri-Nylon trim and and aftermarket Wooden dash kit and door trims, by Rokee or summit. I was 17 and I hadz Marina with an MGB engine in it so to me it was the Dogs Bollocks it waz


To this day, I've never seen a Tundra Green 1.8TC Saloon, probably because it was a turd of a colour no fekker ever ordered it.


Had to loOk twice at the Ital Estate, had one on the Y Plate 1.7 SL, same colour. The engine in that let go on the M42 outside lane 'flat', dropped the head of a valve, smashed through the piston, I just kept my foot nailed to the floor, it banged, coughed, sparks out the zorst, almost got it home.


When you start out as a youth with such shite goes a long way to explain why I'm on here a few years later.

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