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Getting ready for the road roamers run


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We came into port after a short trip and headed back to the cars.





The four of us parked dockside to wait for the ferry to go back and collect the others which it turned out had broken down.




While waiting we discovered a hedgefind.




Finally the ferry arrived and the strays limped off.




Turns out the mgb starter had given up so they had to seek the captain's permission to leave the car running, the mini was alternator issues so he cut and run and was going to call breakdown when the battery ran out of juice.

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Looks lovely up there. You had the weather too! Did you book it in advance?

The weather was ridiculously hot and quite a few cars where suffering,

The guys who organised it paid around half the price for their rooms as they booked well in advance, the other half of the group couldn't even get ferry tickets as left it too late and was full.

I booked a couple of months in advance as I always leave thing last minute.

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We all set off in convoy and I thought we where heading for a quick jaunt up the coast to Fort William,




Nope another ferry and we all squeezed on.




This one was a quick ten minute afair and we finaly touched down and this time it was a quick blast to the end, at the hotel we met up with some of the others who hadn't got the ferry to Mull.




After some blether and storey swapping we checked in and headed for a shower.




This was a lovely twin room all to myself so a great nights sleep was planned, except the room was like an oven with only a shitty little fan to blow the warm air about. Never mind a cold shower was in order but the night got of to a good start as no soap in the shower dispenser and a quick look showed that there wasn't even a cartridge in it, That's fine thinks I just reach round the corner to the dispenser next to the sink, squeeze squeeze empty aswell

so a water only shower was all I could do.

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After a steak dinner that was more than adequate we all headed for the town and its a lovely place.




After consuming enough drink to drown an elephant and dancing till the small hours it was taxi back to hotel.




Yes yes that's a bit of bullshit as it's clearly still daylight so let's change that to a taxi to the pub ;)


After what I would describe as a really shit nights sleep Day one was done,



Two cars overheating, one lost starter one lost alternator and one puncture oh and a hotel with no soap and shitty fans to try and cool the rooms and all at the bargain price of £138.49 for the night,

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  • 3 years later...

So just back from the fifth Roamers run and what another great weekend it was,

The wee colt was put on charge as battery was flat then pulled out the garage filled with petrol fluid levels checked and driven down to Belford car show.    After that I added a couple of hundred miles onto it to make sure it was ready to roam.


The run was finally here on Saturday and we set off from berwick  at 9.30am and headed south.


Eventually stopping for tea and cake at a lovely pub.


After this break it was off again to the next viewing point which was ideal for a photo or two.


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After a few minutes a car pulled up and started talking about the cars and asked if we where going round Alston  green a mile up the road then said if you do she would shout us all to a pint.


At the bird in bush we all had a drink on the recent owner of the pub what a lovely lady and we will be back for sure.


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I did write another post with more pics and writeup but it disappeared so here's a shortened version because cannot be arsed to do it all over again.

After a good night with too much to drink and kicked out the pub at 11pm it was back to hotel for a shower then a good night's sleep.   Up for buffet breakfast to keep us going for the day we set off back up heartside with plenty one wheel hero antics Hopefully caught by the camera guy taking pics.


This guy couldn't do the whole weekend due to work so drove up from Leeds in his 306 to do the Sunday.



This one ended up stuck at the top for hours awaiting recovery, 


We headed for Alnwick via Rothbury then up the coast and cut across to the finish at milfield cafe.

A brace of fords.


And finally the group that have done all five runs, plenty more have come and gone but always had a good turn out into double figures.



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1 minute ago, Jim Bell said:

That looks like great fun man. Weather didn't look too bad either. 

It's always fantastic to see the little Colt out under the sun. 

Yes it's always great to just burn some fuel for fun.  A group of us are thinking of doing another one later this year so hopefully it will happen, either that or I will try and get to some meet ups.

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