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Getting ready for the road roamers run


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I've been talked into doing the road roamers run at the end of the month so booked the ferry and booked the room bloody £138 for one night what a joke,
couldn't make up my mind what car to take so tossed a coin and the mirthmobile won,


so after spending some time clearing all the crap of/out of it I connected up the battery drizzled a wee drop of motion lotion down the carb and boom she was running like a sewing machine,

after some moving around she was out in the sun and ready for a health check,


I booked an mot slot for this or the Audi at 4pm Monday with the hope I had all weekend to clean and check the colt over as brakes are binding a bit,
Monday came and I had to take the Audi as due to rain over the weekend I never checked the old gal over, came home from work 3.30 and the misses had took off in the Audi darn it should maybe communicate with her I suppose,
jumped in the colt and wizzed along to the test centre and pulled up outside to find the car ticking over at a shade over 2k revs, shit dam bollock heed never mind a fail it will be then,

I stood watching the test and chatting to the other mechanic while he gave it the once over and the tester says here this front wheel is binding shit darn shit shity shit,
I thought that's it bloody failed while it was reversed onto the rollers but they didn't register the binding and all came up golden, next was the emissions test and tester says the cars idling a bit high at 1500 revs but we shall see what happens,

Ya dancer it only went and passed.



so there you have it its done the grand total of 9 miles between mots and guess how far the mot station is, yup its 4 and half miles so all it did in two years is drive back from the test centre, what a waste of a car.

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Not a bad performance straight out of the shed man.


nope I have to say that's pretty impressive to be honest.


I removed the front wheels and pulled the brakes to bits with just the bare hands as its in that good condition, after a quick wipe with a rag I slapped it all back together and wheels are free as can be.

the tick over issue however is a little more serious, I removed the radiator hoses and flushed the coolant out with the hose and its all running clean even though it wasn't that dirty,

the two small hoses that feed the auto choke where a little gummed up and the auto choke inlet and outlet are full of a glue like substance, this is proving a little stubborn to remove as even the airline wont shift it. 

At the moment I have the hose full of mr muscle orange cleaner to try and break up the gunge which I presume is glycerol.

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Good to see my old Colt still about and in good hands.


Yes she's a cracking wee motor for sure and definitely one of my better buys, I think it's seven years I've had it now and all it's needed is tyres brake pads and a pair of front gas inserts,

Not bad considering it's done the classic four times now.

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Well after a days soaking in orange cleaner I stuck the airline in the top inlet and blew nothing solid as a rock, tried the bottom one still nothing so got sick and decided to set the choke as permanently open save the hastle,

I had just backed the choke adjustment screw right of and started the car when a mate arrived, after showing him the problem I stuck the airline in the top again and solid then for good measure tried the bottom and got a face full of slimey mess,

Bingo we now have choke and normal tickover has resumed, a quick 40 mile run later and we are ready to roll ????

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So far managed a total of 200 miles with one breakdown/rest, just after Selkirk the wee colt started to miss and backfire and ground to a halt, after a bit of head scratching it started and drove all the way to Moffat without fault,

On the way home around the same stretch of road it hiccuped a few times but didn't actually cut out this time.

I would say that it did it around the halfway point of the journey so sounds like something is heating up but strangely it kept going on the way home

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I had one of those years ago (a colt not a crap in the tank) it's the car I nearly dropped a gearbox on my face with. They revv'd comically high when driven by a teenage twat, probably why it didn't last very long...

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I had one of those years ago (a colt not a crap in the tank) it's the car I nearly dropped a gearbox on my face with. They revv'd comically high when driven by a teenage twat, probably why it didn't last very long...

Yes they are cracking wee motors, I've had quite a few with the turbo being a right hoot, I hunted for one for quite a while untill vantman put this one up for sale.


Oh and they can still rev comically high as was done on the classic rally's I've done with it even at nearly 40 year old.

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Check the dizzy oil seal isn't seeping into, well, the dizzy. After that, rotor arm, ballast coil and so on.


Loved them. Change gearbox oil once a year.

Dizzy dry inside so don't think it's that. I'm going to rob some bits of the other one to take as spares.

What's best oil for the box as I've never changed it.

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Lietholm, nope I only knew of one other but now appears to be two,

Where you based then.

I'm over the east near Grantshouse. Should do a border meet, could probably use a phone box somewhere unless there's more of us around!

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Spotted this awesome motor tucked away in the far corner of the Moffat car park. Easily one of my favorites of the day!



The nice couple in the red modern thing next to me said that it had quite a few people taking pics of the wee motor, shame I never got to meet you.

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  • 1 month later...

I had completely failed at updating this thread so while this happened I quickly jotted down a few notes.

First wash in two years.




The day has finally come and up early for coffee and cerial before heading out into the morning sunset,

our view towards Edinburgh was slightly misty and had me clinging on for my life thank God for sticky tires ;)




Then first pit stop and breakfast number two, the toffee coffee is quite nice.




After breakfast at the golden arches it was a quick blast over the new bridge (which must have been built using a crap spirit level) to the start point and we where first to arrive so just time for coffee number four and stock up on sweeties before the rest started to arrive.





After many bletherings and handshakes we set of West In convoy.




Again thanks to sticky tyres eh nope scratch that it the shitty phone deciding which way it wants to post the pics.

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After much driving and a couple of stops half of the group turned off as they hadn't booked the ferry,




Half a dozen of us carried on and arrived at the port early so grabbed some highly expensive lunch before boarding.




We made our way up from the bowels of the ferry and sat on the top deck which was scortio, I started to cook my brains while wishing I had brought a hat, never mind the shineyness will just have to reflect the sun.





Another big canoe was pulling in.




After gentle rocking back and forth (Now I know how that puts babies to sleep)




Wee island




The roads on mull where fairly quiet with most of it only a single track road with passing places, we where glad it was quiet,




After a few miles we arrived here.





What a lovely little town.

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Had some of this excellent expensive gravity defying ice cream and a wander.




When we left Tobamory we went up over the hill and I was leading through hairpin after hairpin so had the colt firmly locked in power mode with much comedy tire squeal in fact enough to shame a stomil.


After getting to the top it was all lights flashing behind me so I guessed someone had problems best pull over.

Hmmm maybe I was a little over eager but the colt was unfazed so I decided to take pics while water was added and bonnets opened.




Can you guess which car this guy owned.




Best get some work done now tbc


Well I say work I meen driving this on station duties.




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Better let the brown scrote lead to set the pace so he could keep his cool and we had a lovely gentle cruise down the hill.




A quick photo stop spewed out these.




Then some more of this happened.




And finally arrived at boatymcboatface which was just about ready to board, Note scrotes bonnet up again.




We had lost the mgb and one of the minis, unfortunately while the door was raised they pulled up at the dock.




Some of the motley crew




Small car looks small from up here.




Goodbye mull we will be back.



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