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The next lot were also taken in the same hospital car park. All three look to be abandoned. It was the wife who spotted the Toyota.



The cars are Yellow Toyota Corolla from 1983 (according to the app) However that would make it a E70 according to WIKI. Where as I feel this is an E50 according to WIKI.  Not another import? Any help there?

That Toyota is a KE25 Corolla.



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I was in Almeria a few years ago and there was loads of abandoned brit cars (flat tyres/windows dirty) that had obviously been used as a cheap way of getting to a boat in the marina that was sailing off to destinations unknown.

Sounds strangely like Albania. At least they use the cars.

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Thank you for the info. I certainly will try to take some more detailed photos soon.

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Hi Remspor, did you ever get permission to post that guide to buying cars in Spain? Thanks

Not a whisper. So I will have to find the document I wrote. Had a PC crash so although most things were saved nothing has been saved with the original name. I will get too it soon.

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I would love to know more about what the history is behind the hard life this car seems to have had.post-26181-0-82199500-1544890760_thumb.jpg


A strange sump pan guard on this Pug. Sorry no better photo as I was getting strange looks from the woman  who had just walked into shot and was heading my way.




LPG gas being  to my house. Actually he is leaving. Driving with a phone in his hand!post-26181-0-86099700-1544891398_thumb.jpg

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The Hearse, first posted about last Sept., is still in the same location. Is it dead Jim?

To day had to go to the local breakers for a second-hand screen wash pump.

Photos od some finds.

The area where you have to wait for the "golfer" to bring back your part. No passing the fence.





The governor was not around so I could not get an answer to the condition of the following cars, or even if they were for sale.










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Is that a full blown buttery biscuit bASe?

It looks like it. The working chaps did not know anything about it. The badging just says


Sorry, but the picture shows a Renault 19.

Thanks for pointing that out. Never noticed.

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I've just moved to Spain for a few months and noticed fewer old motors than in previous visits. Not much around here (one Rover 75 on Spanish plates but RHD) but not really been looking.


There is a car show on 7th April in Delores which is 15 minutes from me, so looking forward to seeing something interesting.

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Well having been into Madrid today there is definitely slightly less about than when I was here in 2015. However, still way more about than most other European capitals these days.


And to top it off, amongst the 160 odd photos from today I finally spotted one of these:




Spanish made Dodge 3700 GT. Apparently this one has a diesel conversion too.

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    • By Remspoor
      May I start this off with a short note.
      This post is about how to purchase a Spanish registered car. I have never  done this with the intention of importing a Spanish car into any other country. Having lived in Spain for many years I can assure you that a clerk in an office may just want to make up some sort of regulation which he knows about. Advise is go along with the flow.
      Copies of any documents may have to be in Spanish and you may need photo copies of them. The government offices you are visiting in order to clear the paperwork usually do not copy any of your documents for you. They will know whee there is a machine nearby, usually a newspaper/book suppliers or post office.
      This has been written as a guide and must not be taken as any legal framework.
      Lets get down to it-
      Provided for the vechile:
      Vehicle registration certificate(s). Comes in two parts. One is known as Permiso de circulación.
      Front and back:


      The second is Ficha técnica del vehículo.One side:

      The other side:

      These have changed over the years but these are the ones you would more than likely encounter when look at Spanish Shite. ITV inspections are no longer stamped they now add stickers to the document with a fail or pass.
      The windscreen sticker which states the car has passed its annual roadworthy test. Known as I.T.V. (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos).

      The sticker colour changes every year. Normally issued for 12 months, but hire cars, taxis and buses plus HGVs are issued for every 6 months. The year end is indicated and the month is removed with a hole punch. No car can be driven on Spanish roads without a valid test. Not even to the test station. The new regulation is that the Spanish can now get a test  done up to one calender month before the end of year of the test cert.
      To sum up that makes  3 sheets of paper and a little sticker.
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