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Bromley Pageant is on the 23rd June, and this Fox needs to be there. Started with a small victory.


Hazard light fault was just dodgy connectors on the switch.

Sadly, the indicator stalk itself is physically broken - snapped plastic inside it. Will order up a replacement once I work out what will fit. Genuine Rialto stalk on Ebay is £66!

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I've ordered some bonnet pins. Having a lump of plastic floating about on crappy hinges with a wobbly stay isn't really ideal. I'd far prefer to just remove the thing. I should have knocked out the hinge pins until just before driving to the MOT really.

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Progress. All lights now work - had to fit a spare 2CV brake light switch, a new £66 indicator stalk, a £20 fog light and then refit the windscreen washer too.

Then I got the black paint out.


I'm so glad I didn't go for white in the end!

Tomorrow, bonnet pins and maybe a bit more checking stuff like brakes and tyres.

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On 6/11/2019 at 9:38 PM, dollywobbler said:

I've ordered some bonnet pins. 



Sensible chap - I did this circa 1992 with the Fiesta when the hinge rotted and snapped - it actually made working on the car eleventy billion times easier being able to pull it off and dump it on the lawn.

You can also hang balloons and streamers on them too

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4 hours ago, egg said:

Are all the rubber suspension parts ok? Bushes/boots etc/track rod ends

Not entirely sure, but I don't want to leave the MOT any later than Monday, as I'll need time for repairs if needed - Bromley is now next weekend!

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9 hours ago, dollywobbler said:

No, just for stylistic balance I reckon.

Or for left hand drive cars, where the fog light would be on the left.  Did Reliant ever export these? 

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Well this is quite a moment!



Paintwork is not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination, but I reckon she's alright.

Found the source of the exhaust rattle too. I'd left a clamp sitting on the middle of the section. I thought I'd lost it so fitted a new one!

MOT Monday. Tomorrow, will probably take a look at brakes and suspension.

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