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Dollywobbler's Foxy little number

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That's mega rare!!! I remember seeing Regals, Robins, Rialto's and Kittens, but not one of these...


What are the plans once it's back home?


Main plan is to find an engine for it! Fiat FIRE engines, which can be made to fit, have started getting quite expensive, so I think I'll stick with originality and try to track down a Reliant engine. That's far more my style anyway. Brake pedal is rock hard, so brakes will need work. Assuming it's the same drums I've got on the Invacar, so at least I've already got the correct adjuster spanner. 

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I've just been looking at the cost of replacement engines, £300 gets you something that's been sat out of a car for 6 years, a running engine with gearbox is £500, with no real question how healthy that engine is. Even stuff like new flywheels are over £250! Now you can see why even fucked Rialtos & Robins go for stupid money

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Yes. Sir has thought about it. Sir has quickly realised that he's really crap with numbers, so electric might be a dangerous game.


It’d be a very interesting project though.

I don’t really know much about leccy cars but could it not be done on a budget using reclaimed motors etc? I suppose the big killer items would be decent batteries though.

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If you draw a blank looking for a reasonably priced Reliant engine which has some hope of working without needing a full rebuild (= expensive), then some of the small Suzuki front engine, rear drive units may be adaptable e.g. from the Suzuki Carry or Bedford Rascal.

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      Mrs Dustman has a dash cam she wants me to fit to her '99 frog face Corolla. It came with a hard wire kit as opposed to the usual fag lighter lead, so I might as well make a decent* job of it and hide the wiring completely. Trouble is I can't remember how I got the radio pod out when I fitted the DAB unit she now has. I've also got a few dash illumination bulbs to change so I might as well do it all in one hit while it's a sunny afternoon.
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      The hunt is on for the new steed to safely and comfortably carry the family around. I have a company car at the time so big journeys are not an issue.
      ebay is my weapon of choice to find the new family car. It has to be good value cheap for no other reason than I am tight.
      Weeks of research with lots of cars that are too expensive and too far away for easy collection end up in my watch list.
      Finally a possible is spotted in Fife. I go and have a look and find a poor looking but solid car. One previous owner and lots of history.
      The auction was to end on the Saturday at midday, we were going to be out! I decided on how much I was willing to gamble on it and on the Saturday morning I put in my max bid but straight away it went to my max bid, I was winning but it had three hours to go with no room for me to go up! We went out anyway.
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      My gamble and subsequent use results in a perfectly reliable car that actually does what it is supposed to do.
      Even more importantly Mrs T loves it so a win all round.
      All my cars have names (most are earned over a bit of time) and this one is called 'Gwendolen' ( G reg car and from Wales originally. I hate the name but I am not going to argue)
      That sums up part one, more will be along later (probably much later)
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