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Fuerteventuraen shite

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Sadly the last day of a lovely week in Fuerteventura, if you haven't visited the island I recommend you do, lovely weather/food/people and a really laid back pace of life.



But of course, of far more importance to us is the level of chod which, since I came three years ago had diminished slightly as all the new roads their building seem to be encouraging them to buy newer stuff but still plenty to peruse.


I will add pics when I'm home as I'm waiting for the shuttle bus but just one or two to whet the appetite.post-20636-0-17583800-1528910010_thumb.jpgpost-20636-0-80054300-1528910040_thumb.jpgpost-20636-0-49795600-1528910102_thumb.jpg

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Last ones an old Merc van...never sold here obviously but still a few of them knocking about in mainland Spain too spotted a couple when I was there last time

Saw a couple out here last time as well, in various states of repair. I've seen one in the UK on German plates but that was mint. I saw a lovely mk1 sprinter earlier, it was showroom fresh also on German plates. Looked lovely.

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I was in Lanzarote last year, and there was a disappointing lack of interesting chod, apart from a BMW 635CSi with anachronistic wheels on someone's driveway, and a nicely weathered lemon yellow Beetle.


Madeira, on the other hand, has a healthy proper classic car scene, plus some decent random chod to be seen too.

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So after a dismal effort to update this, here's my snaps, I attached one of my dog because he actually posed for that after entering a mud bath. The picture of the Speedo is from my hire car, the only thing I liked about it was the old style Renault 9 gearbox symbol to tell you to change up, everything else about it was shit, Renault Captur, AVOID.





























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Some utter shite like the seat Panda type thing but to be fair it did run and moved about everyday but as said above there's a bit of money coming into the island now and it's starting to show in the quality of cars.


There was a mint little Nova/Corsa A buzzing about but no snaps sadly and the usual selection of SEAT estates that weren't sold here, only in VW guise.

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Also every caddy or seat equivalent out there had glass rear windows, I didn't see one without them. Loads of converted vans into campers as well, I think it's a popular place for surfers most likely bumming it over the summer as most of the bar type jobs are taken by the locals. The campers seem to be tolerated a lot more out there than over here, in fact everything seemed to be tolerated more, a really nice laid back vibe.

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