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Jaguar S Type 3.0 V6 SE - £550 or £9 a ticket - Norfolk

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I really do enjoy driving this beast, but I don't get to use it as much as I'd like and I'm paying an absurd amount of VED again (£187.21 this month) so something's got to give.


It's a W reg 3-litre SE in metallic black with cream / beige leather interior.  It's MOT'd to September and has done about 98K.  It drives fine, starts on the button and goes like the clappers when you floor it (it has just over 240bhp, which is pretty decent for a NA 3-litre of this vintage).  Sounds rather nice too.  Driven sensibly it's not bad on fuel for what it is - I managed 35.5mpg (according to the computer) on the run back from Bracknell when I picked it up.


It's a bloody comfortable thing to waft around in.  Although it's by far the quickest car I currently own, I often find myself trundling around like a giffer just because it's so relaxing.  It has electric everything (including sunroof and seats) and a decent stereo with a tape deck and a CD changer.


Bodywork is tidy for its age - it's not immaculate but there's no damage to speak of, just the usual odd little scuffs.  It still looks very smart IMHO.  Interior is generally good - there's some wear on the driver's seat bolster but no rips.  I haven't had it up on ramps but I've had a look underneath and it looks solid.  Tyres are all good.



Bad bits are thus:


-Has an occasional missfire in heavy traffic - usually when it's been crawling along for a while.  Believed to be a coil pack, although my code reading software wouldn't tell me which one.  Good news is coil packs are not expensive, and the ones on the nearside bank are a 5-minute job to change.  The ones on the offside are a bit more involved as the inlet manifold is in the way.


-Central locking has been disconnected as it was apparently draining the battery.  Entry is therefore effected the old fashioned way - unlocking the driver's door with the key and then opening the rest of the doors from inside.  The interior boot release still works though.


-Cruise control doesn't work - the system switches on but it won't engage the speed hold bit.  I suspect the steering wheel buttons as the radio volume control button on the wheel doesn't work either.


-Aircon has no discernible cooling effect, although it sounds like the compressor kicks in as it should, so you might get away with a regas m8.


-One of the rear windows doesn't go down, although the motor works.


That's about it for the bad shiz.  The car comes with its leather document wallet with all the handbooks (service book is stamped up to 83K), and a full set of genuine Jaguar floor mats.  It's in NE Norfolk and ready to jump in and drive to wherever.









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That's a whole lot of car for not a lot of money!


Sadly my wife has declared a withdrawal of certain intimate benefits if another car appears on the drive.


Sure it'll sell quite quickly.

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Rust gets hidden by sill covers generally. I think water and muck collects in a trap and just eats the car away. I've seen 2005 models failing on rust and there's an '06 diesel in town with all arches scabby.


Not quite as bad as the X-Type, mind you. And weirdly some of them appear to escape it altogether and don't ever rot.


Nothing like a bit of old-format number plate action, though, and for £550 it should be easy making sure any rust is hidden at MOT time and a year of exceptionally refined quality motoring awaits!

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in 1998, I went to the motor Show and was very impressed with 3 particular models shown that year


1) Rover 75

2) Jaguar S-Type

3) Renault Avantime


I've gone and ticked the 1 and 3 but not the 2.


Hnnnnnnng.  Any interest in Multipla dizzlers or Rover R8 T-series

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Holy moly - tis a beauty.


With two out of my three not playing ball right now, this would be a welcome addition, but if I rocked up with car number four on my street there'd be pitchforks, flaming torches and an angry mob in close attendance within seconds of parking the Jaaaaag. There's already a few nervous twitches and mutterings with my trio.


Shame, because I prefer these over the X-type any day of the week - they are on my bucket list, but only when I have the requisite limit of three deemed socially acceptable (just) by the neighbourhood.


GLWTS - hope it stays in the fold, so I can have a go later.

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Sigh... It's gonna be a few months before I see a spare £500+ to chuck about otherwise I'd have this off you like shot.


I've fancied a Black S-Type for a few years now since I used to see one on private plates (Y? JAT) parked outside a big house near Oldbury. It always had pride of place parked in front of the garage. The other cars of the household were parked elsewhere on the driveway so it obviously belonged to the head of the household. I think it belonged to a Doctor/Surgeon as I'd occasionaly see it in the staff car park at Dudley Road Hospital or being driven on Dudley Road by an Asian gentleman.

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OK, let's give this roffle thing a try.  Tickets £9 each.  Paypal will be available thanks to one of our esteemed moderators stepping into the breach.  I've taken the liberty of allocating randoms to those as have already said they'd take them.



2. stephen01

3. aldo135



6. yes oui si



9. Alanism




13. Alanism

14. Split_Pin

15. purplebargeken



18. Craig the Princess


20. Bucketeer



23. yes oui si


25. Coprolalia



28. garethj


30. aldo135

31. hairymel


33. clayts450

34. 83C



37. Simonsays

38. Flat4




42. Partridge

43. 83C

44. CortinaDave



47. Split_Pin



50. hairymel

51. New POD

52. Brodders


54. bramz7


56. drum


58. Partridge


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