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Volvo C202 Laplander - 5 years on and newest member of the SVM


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Apparently the text on the doors translates to:


CBO Limited Company.

Contracted by the general commission for the implementation of housing projects.

Housing project of Rissafa and Mahmoudiya


So it's been a builders crew bus on the edge of Baghdad. I'm assuming 2 bearded hippie types drove it to the UK in the eighties and posted it on some sort of Telex based message board.

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Unloaded into the shed and retired to the pub! A friend with a Defender did the last few miles as lots of long steep Cumbrian hills (down, it handles the ups fine!) And a very tight steep hairpin near the shed.


Tomorrow afternoon I'll have a play, might take the Amazons dizzy and plugs along to see if it'll go.

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Well the first few hours that I managed to grab at getting to know this project...

My shed vacuum has been working overtime, removing all sorts of detritus, fossilised spiders, and other organic mulch from the interior, so I could even climb in! Then I managed to get the rear door open - mine wasn't specced with the optional external handle for the rear door, something which I may look to add if I can fashion a good linkage.

The back end seems to be the worst in terms of rust, plenty of rust in theback end of the floor, and the top edge of the rear door too. Under the floor, at least one support crossmember seems to have rotted out too.

The roof has completely gone along the joint between front and rear roof sections. As these could be bought as a pickup truck, the roof splits in 2, just not in the way mine has! It will be nigh-on impossible to fabricate and weld on a full-width piece for the roof without distorting the whole (irreplaceable!) panel, so I'll consider my options with that carefully.

The roof and rear side panels are just about ready to come off, and then the next stage will be to strip the interior, clean the shell down as best I can and see about removing that from the chassis.

I'm keen to build up a sturdy B20 that's tuned for lots of torque. The B20A in these doesn't inspire me with c.80bhp, as I want to be comfortable towing big trailers on the hills of Cumbria and on the motorways with it. A B20E with twin SUs, or similar setup should help immeasurably, but I'd be keen to hear thoughts on the best tune, from any experienced B20 types out there!

Also, does anyone recognise the indicator units as matching those on another model? I'm missing a lens and can't find anything, even from the numbers on the lens or in the original parts lists. If I can't find it I'll have to find the nearest equivalent to fit both sides, to keep the looks.

Slowly coming out of the most disgusting stage of the project!post-577-0-15559400-1529338407_thumb.jpgpost-577-0-88065100-1529338419_thumb.jpgpost-577-0-95110900-1529338430_thumb.jpgpost-577-0-03260300-1529338439_thumb.jpgpost-577-0-51285500-1529338451_thumb.jpgpost-577-0-56024500-1529338459_thumb.jpgpost-577-0-91602200-1529338468_thumb.jpgpost-577-0-76600000-1529338478_thumb.jpgpost-577-0-67071800-1529338491_thumb.jpgpost-577-0-17453700-1529338502_thumb.jpg

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160? B230s run closer to 130 generally if they're n/a.


Ah, I had read on some Swedish forums of 160ish bhp being thrown around - 130 is easily and reliably managed by a B20 with the big valve injection head, so given that'll be straight onto the mounts, gearbox etc. and they're still available complete for not much, it seems to be the easier option.


Could a B30 from a 164 be shoehorned in?  Those have plenty of torque.


The military C303 had the B30 fitted, so it may be possible. I don't have one to have a look around with the tape measure, I'll have a better idea once I've got the body off. There's the possibility of a cheap B30 available too so it may happen!


I wouldn't put that shedvacuum away just yet - judging by the rust dropping off!


Original engine borked - or just a swop out anyway - if you're splitting it?


Still pleased with it?


Original engine - still haven't tried anything with it! If it turns out to be sweet I'll possibly keep the block from it. A better cam and big valve head will turn it from a B20A to a B20E or F equivalent but with carbs. Plenty of rust though, Keep having to switch the vacuum to blow into the bin to clear the hose! I'm planning on taking the body off the chassis, allowing me to sort it out, and strip and clean the axles, gearboxes, props, leaf springs and engine with lots of access. I'm expecting lots of unobtainium bushes once I'm in there...


Still pleased with it! I ordered a little sheet metal folder the other day so I'll have plenty of chance to use that.

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