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Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)

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Great work there Reginald_Testicles, both on tickling the Horsebollox and the hot terrapin action.

I had a proper chuckle at BoJack Horsebox too. I'd highly recommend the similarly named show.

Your welding has kept my mojo up on welding my Mk1 Fiesta while the weather has been nice, so thanks for that too!


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They all 'Start perfect'!!! (Well, the Phaser engined ones do anyway)

Mine fired straight up first click after being left untouched for about 8 months!!!

They're a thing of wonder these Perkins engines. Happy to go at full chat all day, dragging a plough up and down a field or whatever. Theyre not a cheap item.... seems strange to me that they would end up in these trucks which are one big exercise in cooking something up on a shoestring. Same with the 5-speed ZF transmission, Fancy!!!


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1 hour ago, binhoker668 said:

Actually, I take it all back.  You only achieve true* shiter status if you...........DO IT ALL AGAIN.




You just know from the fact it is surrounded by so much shite they can only photograph a 15 degree portion of the front corner it hasn't moved in 10+ years

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Yeah it looks quite a nice job that doesnt it. Mine must owe me a figure close to his bid price as well, and yet mine is still sat on the drive un-MOT'd, looking like shite and with the conversion at 0% completion!!!

I think mine is slightly longer in the body than his, and I think I prefer the box design on mine with the curvy front but I would still give that a robust 7.7/10 I think. (Also I would advise any potential buyers to inspect the scuttle carefully)

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46 minutes ago, UltraWomble said:

How much weight must be in that though with all that wood, tiles, stove, tins of Marvel and so on.

Looks lovely though

The thing with Dodge 50s is that the performance* seems to be exactly the same whether they are running empty or at maximum GVW, so weight of fixtures and fittings isn't too much of a concern.

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Yeah I've been slowly pottering along with this thing, I'll knock up an update this weekend. I see Photobucket has ballsed up half my photos again, what a hopelessly unreeliable site that is. I just logged into my paypal and fathomed how to cancel my annual payment to those clueless shitheads.

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YO, time for a quick update on the crispy fried truck.

So last time I think I had finished welding the bulkhead in and was more or less ready to start painting some shizzle. But, you know how it is, you start picking at something and ending up staring at another massive hole:


So the drivers footwell had been patched up by Al Bundy a while back, but while I had the pedal box and dash out I had the opportunity to make a better job of it. So, I chopped out a load more shite:


That patch on the right is some of AB's work and i decided to draw the line there and leave that alone, but the rest of the grot got chopped out. Just had to do a little repait ong the top of the chassis leg then got onto patching up the floor:


The bit to the right of the hole for the steering column was really tricky, lots of curves coming together from odd directions, I stared at it for ages before I had a decent 'strategy' for a neat result.


Turned out well neat though, I was very pleased with the result


linished it all up and lashed on the sealant:


Fucking WIN!!!! No more rotten bulkhead or crispy patchwork floor.


The way i had made it meant it was gonna be impossible to piant this little cavity behind the floorboard but I'll just have to spray some waxoyl in it and hope for the best.

Anyway there was a bit of a picture shortage then but 2 coats of red oxide got brushed on everywhere plus 2 coats of my oxford blue Tekaloid paint, then i started to reattach some items:


Painted the outside in the same way, plus added some sound deadening pads on the bulkhead where I could fit em (behind the expansion bottle). Just putting the wiper mech back together at this point.




Looks quite decent eh?


Slowly cobbling stuff together.... The interior hasnt looked this complete for a very long time!


Couldnt put the instruments in as the front of the binnacle is held to the back with some M4 screws into some little push-in brass threaded inserts, most of which had gone missing. Amazingly I found some on eBay so I'm waiting for them to turn up so i can put the clocks back in properly with all fixings operational.


This is probably my favourite view of the truck TBH. You look down into the footwell and see all fresh paint and new nuts and bolts everywhere.

I find that one of the joys of shiting in the 21st century, is that you can order exactly what nuts and bolts you need off eBay and they arrive 2 days later for like £3. You can dismantle something and reassemble it with all-new correct 8.8 grade M8x16 flange bolts in the yellow passivate finish with plain and spring washers. When i think about my dad scratting about in the bottom of his toolbox for a suitable bolt for something on his chevette back in the day, mixing imperial and metric, and forcing nuts and bolts of differing threads together I think 'fucking hell man I've got it easy here.'


New screenwash hose and connections, lovely stuff!!!


The engine cover is sitting a little higher than it should (must have made the sealing lip on the floor a little too high). Had to do a little mod to get the clips to do up nice and tight, but it does all clamp down well with no obvious gaps for the noise to get in.


Phwoar check out that upskirt shot when you look behind the dash now. This was a right load of fresh air and weetabix a few weeks back!!! I freed off all the heater controls while I was on so they are all operational.


Anyway thats about where the interior is up to at the moment. I did turn the key and to my delight it fired straight up (and sounded flippin fantatstic as always) but the brake master cyl is still off so I'm some way from being driveable at the moment.

Today i tried to have a look at the horrible perished worn-out rubber floor mat in the garage. Ripped all the foam backing off it first:


I did have some ideas about trying to repair this using various roofing products that I have got lying about:



These werent a complete abject failure, but after pissing aboug for an hour I decided that the floor mat was just a bit too fucked for my rubbish repair methods (it has actually torn clean in two) and maybe I should think about trying to make a new carpet for the cab floor instead.


The main difficulty with this is, the floor mat has this raised bit in the middle for the transmission cover. (It is raised, but we're looking at the underneath in the pic hence why it looks sunken) Its moulded into the rubber mat but how could you make a decent job of copying this starting with a flat piece of car carpet? Has anyone got any experience of this type of thing? Obvs I am not looking for Bentley-standard double piped shag pile Wilton but i dont want it to look complete shite so it needa to make a token effort to follow the shape of the cab floor and gearbox cover.

I see you can buy squares of car-carpet pretty cheap on eBay so i think i will buy a couple (almost certaoin to bollocks up the first one) and have  crack at it anyway using the old mat as some sort of template and see how we get on.

I want to get this sorted as the next job will be to refit the seats (never thought I'd see the day!!!) and turn it round on the drive, so that I can have a look at the back brakes which I'm sure will need the wheel cyls refurbed before I can bleed the brake system through. Also want to have a look at the saggy leaf springs on the arse end.




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8 minutes ago, Mr_Bo11ox said:

I find that one of the joys of shiting in the 21st century, is that you can order exactly what nuts and bolts you need off eBay and they arrive 2 days later for like £3.

if you listen carefully you can hear @Zelandeth laugh/cry in the distance


but on a serious note, seriously awesome work, really awesome to see it all come together :) top work! :)  

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On 4/17/2020 at 12:10 PM, spartacus said:

I'll play devils advocate here, how noisy was your T25 at the outset Cobblers, I've used some of that stuff on my LDV and it's made a difference, although it has taken quite a bit! My understanding is that for low frequencies you need mass loaded vinyl for the bulkhead/floor of the cab, I won't even begin to try and explain it, there's going to be somebody here who knows already!

The best stuff has thin layers of lead or lead-loaded plastic between layers of elastomer like neoprene etc; it's expensive and it works. Halyard Marine sell it, there are probably other sources. Obvs the AS way would be to get some cheap neoprene and evostik roofing lead over it.

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So satisfying when new metal appears where before there was nothing but dust and air. Seeing this has given me a bit of a mojo boost for the Fiesta.

I have no experience of how to fix up the carpets, but would it make sense to cover the floor in clingfilm or something and use something rubbery and spreadable to make moulded base board which you could then stick the carpet to using a heat gun or something to help spread it into the curves? Could you potentially even make the base of of the sound proofing mat silver side down with fibre glass or something on top so it holds its shape when removed.

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