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Super-modern (2004) Honda Accord Saloon Manual 2.0pez 177k £300 Failed MOT, needs ARB bush and shocker. MOT End July still. Sheffield

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For sale! I think. Fuggit, anyone want this for £500 to save me having to take it for a test? **EDIT - Failed test, needs ARB bush and shock absorber. £Offers?

**FURTHER EDIT - Was provisionally sold to favoured member of this very forum. Alas said buyer has broken an arm and can't drive or earn money for a good bit, so last call if anyone else wants it for £300. It's got a week's test left. It needs a bush and a shock absorber, basically.


Due to CIRCUMSTANCES, I'm contemplating flogging my accord, which has been in my hands for nearly a year (which is fuggin ages, for me). Unlike almost everything I've bought in the last few years it's not completely fucked, despite extensive mileage. It has no history (obv) but it's had a couple of oil changes, a new rad and a new rear caliper in the last couple of months. It has a working glass sunroof which I like cos I'm odd, which makes up for the air con not working (i tried to regas it and it still doesn't work, so suspect relay or compressor, I guess). I also spent half a day de-clouding the headlights, which now look well smart and mean and not cloudy and rubbish. Heat shield rattles at idle, which is only noticeable if queuing at a drive thru when I get super self conscious about it. 2 jubilee clips will likely resolve. Despite it being *quite* high mileage, the gearchange is rifle-esque, and it feels tighter and less baggy than it's Jazz sister which hadn't done as many miles and was newer, and pretty much everything else I've ever owned. It does dound a little bit rattly with your head under the bonnet, but that may be standard for these anyway tbh. It'll want two new front tyres as well, they'd pretty bald on the outside edges, which may or may not be because it tempts me in to driving a bit like a hooligan, which is very unlike me in all other cars. Weirdly it's been very good on fuel, fuelly reckons 39mpg over the last 4500miles, which considering it's a grownup sized 2.0 petrol that I struggle to drive sedately is mental. It's mega comfy and a bloody lovely place to be on the motorway, the downside for me being I can't fuggin walk when I get out of it. MOT sadly only til 24th July. CP53RWX. Taxed to get you home, ofc.




I want rid, partly because I'm bloody skint at the minute, I'm at the wrong end of several months of diminished salary due to being on the sick* for a bit, a household plumbing disaster and having just gone spuds deep on a W169 A class for a few weeks which was a massive disaster even by my standards, so was chopped in for a shiny 12 plate Kia Venga (which is so far, quite appealing). *I had back surgery in January, so high up, low involvement cars definitely best, and I'm not really fit for crawling about underneath anything (the caliper was done by my local tame garage). Basically it's really really nice and I still really like it, but I struggle getting in and out and I'm not really using it other than for the sake of having a burn up and down the motorway or a rag about at NSL just cos it's fun. If it sits here indefinitely it'll do it no good, so it'd see better service elsewhere and when I'm more physically mobile and flush I'll either get another or something a bit more shite for fun and crippling fiscal loss. Hopefully. Currently not paying to tax and insure it would help, but a lump some would help more as good_lady_dr_her_indoors_mrs_tone's civic wants a few bits an bobs in the near future. No warning lights or owt scary like that.


Not sure what a fair price for this is I paid £900 for it which seemed super mega cheap at the time, put a new rad on it in week one, and it's just had a new rear caliper because it's a Honda, and therefore it was binding like a swine and that wheel was getting hot. I've repaired various trim bits that were bust and fettled it to my liking, but it does want front tyres pretty imminently. Selling here cos I reckon someone might want it and also cos you'll tell me what it's actually worth if I'm miles out. Does £500 seem a fair shiters price? I'd be hoping for lots more on t'bay, it's not perfect but it still looks and feels like a new car to my shiters eyes, they seem to range from about 800-2500 for this age and mileage. I'd like first dibs if any willing purchaser does snap this up and then decide to bin it off again though.


Some pictures:

36177388105_70f0dcf26c_k.jpg2017-07-26_02-04-20 by Tony Lloyd, on Flickr


41514722714_87fff9dc2f_k.jpgIMG_20180520_185416 by Tony Lloyd, on Flickr


40445902035_6e1de40bdd_k.jpg"Honda reliability" (oil change day) by Tony Lloyd, on Flickr


39604551120_c718883b8b_k.jpg2018-04-12_06-36-32 by Tony Lloyd, on Flickr


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This looks very nice tbh!


Short MOT, 180k miles, might be closer to £500 as it is. At this end of the market, a £40 MOT has a disproportionate effect on the price.  5 years ago, I paid £850 for a 15 year old Toyota Avensis with full MOT and history, I reckon you could easily get your price with a new ticket.


Either way, good luck.

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Can't imagine it will fail the MOT on anything horrendous, then run it till she blows! Cheap motoring!


You've got to remember there's folk out there shelling this out on a service and a set of brake pads. If it went catastrophically wrong in six months you'd see a few hundred back anyway from the breakers.

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Can't imagine it will fail the MOT on anything horrendous, then run it till she blows! Cheap motoring!


You've got to remember there's folk out there shelling this out on a service and a set of brake pads. If it went catastrophically wrong in six months you'd see a few hundred back anyway from the breakers.


That was basically my plan when I bought it, and it went well briefly, then I did my back in and basically spent a couple of months lying down and crying, in between taking it down the road to the garage to get the brakes unseized. Bah!


I know I should really get it tested and put the price up, but I'm skint and still sore and wobbly. It's one of those I'm going to regret moving on, but I can't really do owt about that short term, so...

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What is this?? A modern car? We'll have none of this modern car malarkey here young man. Hurrumpphhhh, the very thought of it. Hurrrumphhh.


Looks ace, cheap a s a cheap thing too, GLWTS :)

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My missus used to fantasize about owning one of these and about having sex with me on the bonnet.


I never would have thought about doing that type of thing on my own accord.


Not really a Civic sense of duty.

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Speaking of money shots, L1 berated me via text that I should put some interior shots in.

Inclusion of Asda carrier bags and McDonald's napkin collection negotiable. Also ignore the single din radio under the heater where there should be a cubby thing. I'd be putting bit back as Mr Honda intended unless someone desperately wants it with this in. However, the heater display is much more user friendly with the normal radio plugged in. Also the single din dab one is hateful cos the floppy front connections are duff, as per every sony usb head unit since about 1998 or whatever. So assume it'll have a nice looking box thing there for items, rather than a wierd bit of plastic with a radio in.



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Also, 175k. Oops. Makes all the difference.


Also also, I can confirm that WIlson2 has not rutted enthusiastically or otherwise on this vehicle during my ownership, to the best of my knowledge. Someone did write "slag" on it with their finger in the dirt over christmas, but you can't see that any more. 


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      99p anyone?
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