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Panda Alessi: The Pandarin

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1 hour ago, Aston Martin said:

I need some 3m adhesive pads to put the new rear arch on, any thoughts? 

Sikaflex 252 would be my suggestion. My whole camper body is bonded together with it. 

Don't get it on the paintwork though, if you do, wait for it to dry before trying to get it off.

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ForFiatsSake figured out the name of the stuff I needed to stick the arch back. 3M foam tape. Which is arriving tomorrow from Amazon. If I finish work early tomorrow then I shall be bringing the car home. If not it'll be Saturday.


Rear arch will be refitted, wheeltrims back on. I can't remember if I fitted the new wing mirror or not.... and several hours of cleaning..


Hopefully Sunday, I shall be poncing about.

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The plan was tomorrow. But I got absolutely fucked about at work. So I collected it tonight so I don't have to drive for two days.

It's done 270 miles in 18 months and then I did 75 miles home today. I'm not suggesting I did 80 all the way home, but the Panda did well considering it hasn't really moved.

The car is filthy with dirt and tar as expected. Hoping to clean it tomorrow.


Hypothetically, if your friend has a mk6 Fezza 1.25 and you end the motorway 50 zone and decide to race. 50-70 Panpan wins, then sadly the Fezza just stomps it above 70.


I laugh everytime I see this stupid thing. 



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My mum liked it, but then she also said I was an "attention seeking, sad-sack"

I'm currently waiting for Halfords to open so I can spend many more pounds on cleaning stuff. 


I need to fit the new wing mirror and the interior smells fusty.


The clutch pedal sticks occasionally, I'm hoping it's because of lack of use and I forgot these don't come with a locking fuel cap.

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6 hours ago, Aston Martin said:

The air con needs a regas. There's a £48 Groupon antibac bollocks thing which doesn't seem too bad.


Because I have no servix history. I whipped the pollen filter out... I'll be changing oil, plugs and all filters next weekend.



Looks like it's been working, maybe not so much now!

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My squeaky clutch pedal is the clutch master cylinder apparently. It's not that bad, as it only comes up in stages. But, one day the pedal will just stay down and require lifting up with your foot.

I hate anything with hydraulics. So might leave this for a while.

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1 hour ago, vulgalour said:

I was confused for a minute there, I thought something bad had happened to the original pandarin, when what you've gone and done is bought yourself another one?  Nice work.


This is still the same one, but it's finally with me. It was hidden away for 18 months.




The car is currently in ATS undergoing the Groupon Air-con recharge. I expect them to tell me it needs brakes all around and a new engine. Having said that the Hull ATS, seems to have good reviews online.

I also bought some primer, some white paint and a small white plastic sink. Which is hopefully my weekend project....

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Aircon is working perfectly, although I paid for the antibac and the car stunk of the gas the dentist used to give you. It vanished after a few mile.


I drove home in rush hour traffic and it's undriveable. I need to do the clutch master ASAP,

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I think I'm having a senior moment because I was sure this was a different car to the one that started the thread, but it's not is it?  Anyway, what you really need to do is go and buy a green one and get suitable personal plates for them, 71C and 74C probably the best for that particular brace since money is obviously no obstacle in this particular fantasy scenario.

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4 minutes ago, vulgalour said:

I think I'm having a senior moment because I was sure this was a different car to the one that started the thread, but it's not is it?  Anyway, what you really need to do is go and buy a green one and get suitable personal plates for them, 71C and 74C probably the best for that particular brace since money is obviously no obstacle in this particular fantasy scenario.

Same car.



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On 9/27/2018 at 2:21 PM, Aston Martin said:

Skydome can fuck itself. :(


Spent 10 seconds removing the headliner (properly) spent the rest of my life figuring out how to remove the bastard roof.


I failed, the only torx bolts remove accessories. Such as the blind rails etc. I manually opened the roof expecting hidden bolts... And nothing.


Theres definitely glue holding it down. But it can't be 100% glued and nothing else?




P.s. I managed to get the passenger door mirror.









I've finally checked the workshop manual, its definitely glued down.




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I attempted to make the little men out of a small plastic sink.


But, then I got a bollocking for using a knock-off plug in Dremel in the kitchen which now looked like a cloud of plastic dust.

If I had the tools or any talent, it would work. But the plastic is maybe 2mm thick and even a small adjustment would take a while.


My next attempt is going to be one of these type of lids. Thin enough that hopefully I can use a craft knife and be able to breathe afterwards.


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    • By Zelandeth
      Well I've been meaning to sign up here in forever, but kept forgetting. Thanks to someone over on another forum I frequent poking me about it recently the subject was forced back into my very brief attention span for long enough to get me to act on the instruction.

      I figure that my little varied fleet might bring you lot some amusement...

      So...we've got:

      1993 Lada Riva 1.5E Estate (now fuel injected, as I reckon the later cars should have been from the factory...).
      1989 Saab 900i Automatic.
      1987 Skoda 120LX 21st Anniversary Special Edition.
      1985 Sinclair C5.
      2009 Peugeot 107 Verve.

      Now getting the photos together has taken me far longer than I'd expected...so you're gonna get a couple of photos of each car for now, and I'll come back with some more information tomorrow when I've got a bit more time...

      Firstly...The Lada. Before anyone asks - in response to the single question I get asked about this car: No, it is not for sale. Took me 13 years and my father's inheritance to find the thing.

      Yes, it's got the usual rusty wings...Hoping that will be resolved in the next couple of months.


      Next, a proper old Saab. One of the very last 8 valve cars apparently, and all the better for it. I've driven two 16v autos and they were horrible - the auto box works sooooo much better with the torque curve of the 8 valve engine. Just wish it had an overdrive for motorway cruising...

      Next up a *real* Skoda...back when they put the engine where it belongs, right out the back. In the best possible colour of course...eye-searingly bright orange.

      Seat covers have been added since that photo was taken as it suffers from the usual rotting seat cloth problem that affects virtually all Estelles.

      Then we have possibly the world's scruffiest Sinclair C5...

      Realised when looking for this that I really need to get some more photos of the thing...I use it often enough after all! We have a dog who's half husky, so this is a really good way of getting him some exercise.

      Finally - again, I really need to take more photos of - we have the little Pug 107.

      Included for the sake of variety even if it's a bit mainstream! First (and probably to be the only) new car I've bought, and has been a cracking little motor and has asked for very little in return for putting up with nearly three years of Oxford-Milton Keynes commuter traffic, before finally escaping that fate when my housemate moved to a new job. Now it doesn't do many miles and is my default car for "when I've managed to break everything else."

      I'll fill in some more details tomorrow - I warn you though that I do tend to ramble...
    • By Broadsword
      I think the Broadsword fleet has become sufficiently complicated to merit a combined thread so that gradually all new additions will appear in one place.
      As of Sunday 17th March the situation is interesting.
      Two Citoren Xantias (remember the white Xantia of Excellence is for sale people!)
      A turquoise XJR6 pending overdue-collection (need that gone now!)
      An XJS 3.6 manual project which will get in high gear soonish. Wont be a keeper but will be fun getting it back to something presentable. Drivers fantastic!
      A Range Rover P38, which is turning out to be really rather good.
      And to mix things up even more I'm off on a collection caper today. Had first refusal on it and was expecting it to come around in a year, but things soon changed and no way was I going to pass up on it. It may well render the second Xantia redundant as I've got a really good feeling about this motor.
      In the meantime here are some snaps of the Range Rover. As usual it was a car I said I would probably never buy due to their reliability*. I have said the same of Jag XJR, XJS, XK8 and I have had all of those now. Basically the moment I declare buying a particular car is impractical or improbable, I end up buying one.
      Things to note on the P38. It's a nice colour with tidy body. The EAS has been removed. It runs and drives lovely and it doesn't have enough electrical problems to hinder progress. The main one is the driver's side window not working, but that should be fixable. I've tried changing the outstation, that didn't fix it. Might be wiring under the seat. Other than that I bought it and took it for an MOT the very next day, and it passed. Since then it had what seemed like a battery drain, but since unplugging the RF thingy for the remote locking and putting on a proper lead-acid battery, which the car can actually charge, unlike the modern lead-calcium batteries, it has been perfect. I will treat it to a full service soon.
      Stay tuned for the latest collection later today!

    • By SiC
      Payment sent. V5 filled in. @worldofceri has loaded and left the sellers compound. 
      Expected ETA around 1pm. 
      Edit: Interesting bit of the thread starts here: 
    • By Coprolalia
      After several years here I'll fully admit I am not a seasoned chod-veteran like many, but here's my tosh.
      I'll begin with my dad and American chod. During my teenage years this was the toy barn:

      My first adventure in rebuilding began with my dad's 1952 GMC truck.
      Started like this.

      Freshly imported from a dry state with a solid body. Rear axle had been dragged around for a while and the drums were worn half away.
      228 cubic inches of straight six with knackered rings. Rebuild commenced.

      Spent a year rebuilding the engine with all fresh bits imported from the states. Neglected to acid dip it, and turned out one of the splash oil bores was clogged with crud. 500 miles later the big ends melted and fused. Much swearing, much vehicle aimed violence.
      Out comes that lump.

      This prime piece of chod donated it's heart.

      350ci of v8 muscle*. Actually originated in a smog tune Camaro, so about as shite a v8 as you can pick.

      Truck now owned by a family friend looking like this:

      My own first motor was this.
      1972 VW Beetle 1302s
      Lasted 500 miles. Failed on rust. Got it on the ramp and it had rusted right across the rear end. Engine was about to damn fall out. Whole thing needed a new floor plan. Got broken for parts.
      That got replaced with this:
      Golf 1.4i cl

      In around 2006. 72,000 miles on it at the time. One old lady owner from new, giffer driven, full VW service history. Bargain at £1k.
      Much work was done

      Now at 156,000.
      Syncromesh dead in 2nd and 3rd. Very noisy tappets. Engine mounts shot. Rotten jacking points. Bugger won't die.
      MOT runs out next week, and I feel really bad at the idea of breaking it. Going to stick it in and see if it will pass an MOT, but I'm getting fed up of having squeaky bumhole journeys that it will drop a valve.
      18 months ago, added this to the fleet:
      Scirocco 1.8 8v carb
      £1k on ebay, advertised with one line of information.
      67,000 miles, FSH, 3 owners from new, mainly giffer driven, but owned by a young guy for a year before I bought it. Solid body, decent engine. Mk2 Golf GTD gearbox with a massively tall 5th gear (2k RPM = 80mph). Saving the pennies while commuting yo!
      Issues have been that it has not had it's perishables repaired in a long time, so since I've had it it's had:
      New hard brake lines
      New braided soft brake lines
      De-rusted and waxoyled fuel lines.
      New timing belt and aux belt.
      New temp sensor.
      A new CV
      Carb rebuild.


      In between I briefly flirted with a a Renault 4 van and a BMC FG350 Ambulance (converted to a camper). No photos of these.
      There's also been this 1987 Scirocco GTX 150,000 I bought locally as a cat C write off with the intention of repairing. Then found out the A-pillar, the B-pillar and rear chassis were buckled. Would never have been right again. Broke her for parts.

      Jaguar S-Type 3.0 v6.

      Recently bought this for a charity rally. T-reg 1999, so think it still counts as chod. Plus it cost £750 and has done 165,000 miles.
    • By strangeangel
      I thought I'd start a thread for this as I'll probably end up asking all sorts of questions, given that this is my first 'proper' Citroën.
      So... the ground clearance lever won't go all the way to the highest setting (all others work), which is bad 'cos the book says I need it to do that in order to check the LHM level. It feels like something's seized, so I don't want to force it. Any ideas for a plan of attack would be much appreciated.
      Next up are the wheels. I now have a set of 205 pepperpots that have just gone off for powder coating & I need to get some tyres for them. The handbook says the car should have 165/70R14s on, the wheels came with 185/65R14 on. Any thoughts about what size I should get please? Cheers.
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