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This is the short version, as the long version involves me killing myself.


The brake lines where the new connectors and the factory connect. Has a small weep, I tightened as much as I dare, but it still weeps... As am I currently.



I obviously did not drive the car around the corner for the first time, but if I did, it stops fine and drives fine.


Next week its going for an MOT and having the brake pipes fixed a bit better.







In theory, it's a clean pass....

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Brilliant. Such great little cars, though the 100hp is a bit love/hate. Must see if Mum will let me take hers for a run, just to check all is well after the loom replacement you understand. She doesn't go far. Or fast.


If the old tyres were that bad then a new set will transform it.

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For Fiat Sakes tried dropping the keys off to the garage on Saturday, the Saturday boy knew nothing about it. (Remedied today when he saw the owner)


The tyre bloke rang today and said his van was in several billion pieces and would Wednesday be OK for tyres?


I've hunted down some wheel trims, they're in Italy. (of course they are.) The guy hasn't responded and I've asked several people for help, so this guy will get many random queries from Google Translate.


In semi-good news, I've found a local 3D printing firm that will knock me up some tiny black men. It ain't cheap and they've said they'd prefer a real one to properly knock one up. So a request is out for a real one to try and copy.

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Rear axle DONE

Rear shocks DONE

Springs DONE

One tyre DONE (Several times)





Refit arch molding (Have, but not fitted)

Passenger wing mirror

Parcel shelf

Wiper arms

Orange window tint (Have, but not fitted)

Rear bumper

Roof respray

I'm enquiring about 3d printed little man. (Trying)

Could do with new fog lights.


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The window tint is supposed to look like this.






But the tint goes manky.







and usually gets removed.







My plan is to use orange tint.





Template a window (See above post)







The black bit should be solid vinyl and the window is an orange tint. (Probably available from Fiat, I should ask)




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11/10 for effort but those tints are pretty translucent. In the pics the original orange looks pretty solid and punchy.

Properly love this thing by the way. Congrats on the MOT.



Generic pics, I've only just opened the tube that arrived on Thursday.

I appear to have ordered several thousand miles of vinyl.






Have you tinted windows before?

Never, in my head it's a 38x30 cm fairly flat panel of glass.




I reckon it looks good with a white tint.

I think I want an orange rear window too.





I've done a quick mockup using a Pyrex dish. (Like all professionals) It's hard to capture the colours properly with my phone. I think my tint is less translucent than I'd like.


I'll try and tint the greenhouse later and take a mockup pic... Again, I'm sure all professionals do this.


I think it's worth the £12 attempt anyway.

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I Google translated, hello kind sir how much for both items please? (Not quite, but close enough)



"Hi there I am available you can tell me where she is"




Wait, did I accidentally kidnap an Italians daughter?

[FrankSpencer]I am a man - distance no object[/FrankSpencer]

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      As the title suggests, it's a 1951 Pontiac Chieftain.
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      It's an honest example; looks to have had a "restoration" about 15-20 years back and the rust is coming through the seams and filler. The bottoms of the door skins have gone, the bottom of the A-pillars have gone (the front doors, on a single hinge a piece still open and close with one finger!) And it's got a couple holes and blebs in all the places you would expect.
      Not much electrical works. It needs to be completely rewired because someone has "converted" it to 12V. Thankfully it was originally negative ground so that's a good start. Gauges and such can be driven from a 6V bucking converter.
      Engine has had some work done on it- starts and runs nicely with very little greb coming out of the exhaust. It's got a few gaskets that need replacing and the tappets need some major adjustment, the gearbox engages gears correctly, the steering is okay but has a lot of slack in the center and the brakes work well, dont sink or feel spongy but need adjustment.
      More to come. I'll post up more pictures when I get it home.
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