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Discovery 2 7 seater

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You probably don't want mine, but I'll give you the info on it anyway. I wasn't planning on selling it, but I have too many projects and might be interested in an offer.


It is:

2001Y, td5, ES, manual, blue, 170k miles, 7-seat, Grey leather, front and rear split A/C, Harmon-Kardon stereo, 18" wheels, most of the toys.


Good bits: Runs very well. I did the HG on it about 3/4 years ago. Gearbox is smooth. Interior is reasonably tidy, body looks neat and tidy, aside from one area of paint on the rear 3/4 which has changed shade (??) I have had the car since 100k miles, so know it very well indeed. Exhaust manifold de-webbed. EGR deleted. Otherwise essentially standard.


Bad bits:

1) Needs a clutch. I have a SMF conversion and clutch to go with it. There are conflicting stories about whether a SMF is a good conversion in these or not. DMF for it is not as expensive as I thought. It does still drive, only slips at 2300rpm at maximum power (IE peak torque). Been getting progressively worse for the last 10k miles, but if you don't boot it, it's fine.


2) Rear chasssis is rusting. I welded the bottom of the offside rail just adjacent to the fuel tank about 2 years ago. Nearside will likely make another MOT but will need work in the nearish future.


3) No MOT. Unlikely to need a lot for it. Last advisory was for a corroded front-to-rear brake pipe, and that's about it. I may shove it in for one soon.


4) Rear access step is rotten (TADTS) and needs replacing to be able to easily get in to the back seats.


Interested? I've no idea how much it's worth. *trots off to ebay/gumtree to see what they sell for*


It's visible in post #13 of my "historic shite" thread linked in my sig below.

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I have started looking at these as a replacement for our old Maverick for horsebox duties. Seems they all have rusty chassis? Anything else to look out for?

Talbot yours us the colour my Mrs likes so could be interested if red5 isn't!

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There are some with solid chassis. In 2014 when I bought mine I went to see about 20 before upping my budget for a very late one. Sold it earlier this year still with a solid chassis.


The majority, however, seem to be horrendous patchworks from the fuel tanks back, and ignore anyone who says the body doesn't rust on the d2, I broke a v8 for spares which had fist sized holes in the front inner wings.


Exceptionally useful though, finding a good one is very rewarding.

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Knock on me door with 2 bags in your sky and i'd ask you to 'old owt yer andd'. It's worth more but is suffering with some performance issue right now. I'm currently building up the enthusiasm to diagnose and fix it. It's taken me ages to get my hands this clean and it's going to ruin my nails again, I just know it.

It's been a typical fucking discovery and I should imagine it will continue to do so for years to come. Preparing myself for OMGHGF though.

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As for mine. I'm completely in two minds as to whether to sell it or not. That said, if someone shoved £1200 in my hand, they would drive it away, along with any and all bits I've got stashed for D2.


Talking about this has made me want to go and MOT it now and get the clutch done.

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Yes! Over here! TD5 with Mot till November. Sorn-ed since march but dry stored since. Desperately don't want to sell as its been bloody brilliant in the three years I've had it. It was a daily driver but I've been doing far more miles for work and as much as I hate the shitty hateful miserable crappy dismal depressing joyless Octavia that replaced it with every fibre of my being it do have to sell. I've spent a lot on it to keep it reliable but admittedly the last Mot came up with the dreaded advisory for rust. Oddly it had the same comment a couple of years back but wasn't repeated for a couple of years after. It has been regularly slathered inside and out with waxoyl so I'm sure it would have a good couple of years in it before anything was needed. Even then good quality repair sections are available and not that taxing to let in. I'd just put new Michelin's on it at £125 a corner and new pads and discs before I'd decided to swap which shows you what faith I have in it.


Rear airbags replaced with coils, daft Active Corner Enhancement got rid of and replaced with ARBs, loads of bushes replaced, shocks, brake pipes, fuel pressure regulator, LR reconditioned steering box, serviced annually. Now on 140k but drives faultlessly. Everything works, even the cd multichanger. Completely standard inside and out. The kids loved it and even the wife begrudgingly admitted it was one of my better purchases. It's a pre face-lift 2001 'Adventurer’ with a unique interior pallette of leather and tweedy fabric in an attractive range of browns and beiges. Somewhere round the £1500-1750 would force my hand.

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