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Barefoot's Rover 75 update

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Welcome to my new thread which combines all of my threads in one.


Hopefully you'll all be saluting me whilst I strike a ridiculous pose.

I can haz Jaguar!


Many thanks to Chris for driving it down, I've only driven it three feet forward so far & when I switched it off the bloody thing locked me in, wouldn't start and absolutely nothing would work - in the blazing sun - the fair wife is impressed*
Will have a new battery tomorrow - I can't stand that again - and it will be MOT'd either this week or next whenever my man with the big spanner can fit me in.
I'll keep you all informed...

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Do I have to do anything clever when I bung a new battery on?

At the mo, I'm starting it with a booster pack & every time I turn it on the horn sounds.

I switch the ignition on, switch it off again & then the horn stops & it fires up...

There's more bloody buttons on the steering wheel than in all of my other cars put together.


Don't wan't want to break it before I've driven it.

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I think if you buy the Council Estate, the new Mrs. CMS will come with it.

I saw this and counted 3 7 series in his signature. I did find it surprising though.


Clearout needed. 205GRD, 406HDi, 345DL, and three 700 estates to go. Harrumph

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I saw this and counted 3 7 series in his signature. I did find it surprising though.



I typo'd... it's two 700s and a 900. The 940 breaker is just about frag feed ready. WIFE_CMS will cut my bollocks off in the Council Estate goes. She almost likes Council Estate 2 (ex-Shitpeas 270k mile 406 estate) but not as much as Council Estate 1.


Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk

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Insured it - and this really makes no sense - '98 Jaguar £167, '87 Porsche £180 & '87 Scirocco £174 - All comprehensive with Aviva.

Wow that sounds all right, are you a man of the cloth in a rural idyll with an agreed mileage of 3000 per annum ?

No insurance sometimes makes no sense. I am only jealous 😄

Lovely Jaaaaaag btw.

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I'm about to drive my new motor car for the first time. I have managed to resist until now.

Brum brum noises have been made, but I'm off to fail an MOT in a few moments.

Looking at it last night, I was horrified to note that despite being owned by two previous shiters,

There is no Autoshite sticker in the back window!

I have pm'd Ruffgeezer with a desperate plea for help.

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In an astonishing turn of events, the Jaguar failed its MOT on two front tyres - only!

My man with the spanners thinks his man with the MOT ramp & computer must have been distracted by the phone.

It's ready to collect now but as you may know, due to some wank puffin sat on a gantry over the M1, 20 odd miles away and folk still trying to leave download festival, the entire area is completely gridlocked. I will collect and do some waftage & tax it tomorrow.

Three hundred quid car - and in real terms the cheapest car I have ever bought - passes MOT shocker.

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MOT'd, Insured and taxed, a bit of gentle waftage has been done.

Lads at the VW specialist were astonished to learn that it cost the same to tax as a T2.

Our parents all agree that this is the finest car they have ever been driven in.

Tracking still to be sorted, I've been buggered about by DC Tyres a bit, but it will be done shortly.

Fuel gauge was on empty, car said it had a range of 20 miles, so I brimmed the tank.

I only got 65 litres in & the car said it now had a range of 248 miles!


Anyone know how to reset the trip meter?

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I keep looking at these and pondering about buying. Noticed the prices have risen a bit recently. Not sure if its just the (supposed) summer or just getting more rare and more classic. Noticed that sub 1k examples are getting less frequent.


Def want one before they become silly money.


Also like S-Class too and would find it interesting in the comparison. High tech and big advancement vs Continued refinement over the years.

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