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Barefoot Fuckity, Fuckity Fuck!

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Time for another update of much dullness.

After being switched on permanently for the last three months, the air conditioning has decided not to bother conditioning any more. Took it back to DC who replenishished it last time, they managed to extract 199g of refigerant confirming that there is indeed a leak. Last time they added ultra violet dye to reveal the source of the leak, but were unable today to find any trace. Chap tells me that this will be a micro leak in the condensor.

It's booked in for a condensor and a recharge on Monday.

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And now for a mildly more exciting one with a picture...




Air conditioning condenser replaced on Monday, the first time it has got up to temperature since & the radiator top hose popped off, just as I was joining the motorway. Rather than stop on the single lane slip road or in the roadworks section, I continued for a few hundred yards to the very wide bit at the end.

Nice bloke from Auto Aid was out with a container of water within the hour, and the drama was all over.


I suspect it was down to a bit of shitty tightening by the air-con folk, I'll have a quiet word with them next time I'm passing.

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A word was had and they told me that the lad hadn't needed to remove the offending radiator hose to get to the condenser.


That means that the same hose has blown off, with a different securing thing, twice in about six months.

Chap has suggested that maybe the hose has become internally worn and a brand new one has been ordered.

But is there likely to be something else causing a massive build up of coolant pressure, sufficient to dislodge hoses?


I am a little concerned.

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It did it to me a at least once, I just resecured it and refilled the water.


I did have to replace the water pipe that runs down the centre of the 'V' as this one had become crispy with the heat. largely due to the routing.


I think that replacing the offending pipe will most probably solve it.

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That does have a whiff of HGF about it doesn't it? Does your local garage have a 'sniffer?'



It was checked the first time it did it & the oil still looks like new & the water/coolant is clear & doesn't vary in quantity.




I think that replacing the offending pipe will most probably solve it.


So do I, it's been on & off more times than a whore's drawers.


Did you have your 'jaguar outfit' including cravat on this time?


Sadly no, Mr Burrows did frown at my toes a little though.

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New hose and new spring clips (not jubilee clips) and I'd be tempted to replace the pressure cap in the expansion tank.If the cap isn't releasing the pressure it builds up and blows at the weakest point.

The cooling system expands and contracts and the worm drive of a jubilee clip doesn't which, IMO, is the biggest culprit of cracked plastic housings.

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Is the spigot that the hose goes onto quite long? Does the hose get stretched with the engine movement? Perhaps the hose is too far onto the spigot. If its not, and there's room, put two clamps on. We always use two clamps on the below the waterline fittings on our boat - you don't want one of those pulling off and sinking the boat.

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OK, car having new hose/anti-freeze/expansion cap today.


In vaguely related news my neighbour, the one who owned a Ferrari, a Maserati coupe and currently a Mercedes Coupe with 63 on the back, asked me to pop down for a word. Turns out he's doing some kind of charity road race 2200 miles with a £500 budget per car. He bought a 50,000 mile Focus, then decided that'd be a bit dull so bought an 52 plate XJ-8 instead. Wanted me to have a bit of a drive in it to tell him how it compares to mine.

Very similar, but the gear-change was noticeably smoother so I'm booked back in with David Marks for an overdue fluid change.

(Heater/air-con fan was irritatingly noisy though).

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A little bit of excitement a couple of weeks ago when the exhaust started blowing, a little bit through the off side catalyst.


Took it back to David Marks for a secondhand replacement and a long overdue transmission fluid change.

It is now quiet again, but better than that, it changes gear so unbelievably smoothly.

If the gear change were a sound, it would be mellifluous.


Chap said that the fluid should be clear/amber/golden and it was black.

Black, but not gritty and didn't smell burnt.


I am happy.


Here's a pic for all you folk that like to see shards of bearings/gears/other gearbox crap stuck to sump magnets and surrounded by filth.



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After a hearty breakfast of local oatcakes, bacon, cheese and for the avoidance of doubt, that's a mug of tea...


I packed my meagre supplies and set off to the bus stop...


Sadly, I'm not very high tech, so you'll have to wait until I get home again for further updates.

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Breakfast of shite'ions.


wooden drainer around the Belfast sink looks familiar, oh yes we used to have one and one of those Orange Nokias, and that mug (nicked from a roadside cafe) and old cutlery


Oi get away from my car boot sale table and my bin from 15 years ago!! :D

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He's picked up 40% of his cars from that exact car park you know.



I honestly think it was in the self same spot as the Scirocco you know!


This morning I caught the Skylink bus, I forgot to take a picture of the outside, but I'm pretty certain that it was yellow

Or blue, on the inside it looked like this.




I arrived at Derby railway station with plenty of time to spare, so read my book in what can best be described as a cold and desolate waiting room.




Then I ran out filled with enthusiasm to take pictures of the train, to make up for the ones I'd failed to take of the bus.




I'm new to all this and was clearly standing in totally the wrong place as the train went straight past me before stopping.

Had to jump on at the back and never did manage to find my reserved seat, but I sat here.




Again it wasn't very warm, but I continued to read my book.


Then all of a sudden I was in Leeds finding my way out of the station to meet Will and all was right with the world.


Unusually, a lot of explaining had to be done. This car is the most modern/newest that I have ever owned and my first on the post 2001 tax/numberplates.


It is totally weird, after a lifetime of German cars which pretty much follow the form follows function doctrine, this and to a lesser extent the X-308 are totally different and all way off my radar, the kind of motor cars that without this place, I would never have considered owning or driving.


A quick handover,




He did explain what the actual fuck that thing was for, but in my excitement I have forgotten.

And then a largely* uneventful drive back to the station to drop Will off.


*Some crack head on a push bike nearly cycled at high speed into my off side causing some serious braking and a fair bit of swearing.


And then a handshake and away to the M1.


This old motor car is very quiet and much smoother than I had been lead to believe. If I'd not already got an X-308, I would have been astonished.

The engine, although turbo style powerful enough sounds very, very harsh. The gearbox is curious too. Manual six speed - the highest ratio of which is still lower than fifth in the Scirocco!

Odd. The car is also very un-involving to drive - very odd.

The motorway journey itself was pleasant enough, the Cabasse Audiotorium Tronic radio worked - although with a bizarre selection of Northern stations.




The petrol shot had already been done - so I motored straight home.


I had to immediately attend to my dog's toilet functions and then I ate the chicken Balti pie and then it clouded over.

I hope you don't mind if I save some action shots and some interior lighting pictures until tomorrow.


I am well pleased - my first raffle win. I've only entered 59 times - what are the odds of that, eh?

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