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2002 Yamaha YZF600R 'Thundercat' 17k, £1,500 in DG5

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My dad is parting with his bike as he hardly uses it any more. It's a 2002 '02 YZF600R Thundercat in metallic red with just 17,400 miles. Currently SORN without an MOT however it passed it's last MOT with one advisory for a worn rear tyre and has covered only 40 miles in the year since then. The MOT history can be checked online using registration SL02 WHA as the bike will not come with SL02 BEU that you see in the photo.


All standard other than the front indicators and in good condition. Always stored under a cover. My father is the second owner and has owned it for about ten years having done no more than about 10k miles in that time. Two keys. A paddock stand is also available. Any questions, fire away.


April '14

New battery

New exhaust down pipe


June '16

Front sprocket

Rear sprocket


Oil & filter

8x brake disc bolts


July '17

2x Dust seal (not sure)

2x front fork seals

Fork oil


How much: £1,500. The average price on eBay and Auto Trader is £1,500-£1,750.

Where: Dalbeattie, Dumfries & Galloway DG5.



2002 Yamaha YZF600R 'Thundercat' by Matt S, on Flickr



2002 Yamaha YZF600R 'Thundercat' by Matt S, on Flickr









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The old ThunderCloset is a good bike, I used to borrow a friends and found it a really nice combination of speed, handling and comfort unlike more focussed affairs such as the FZR or GSXR types, without the price tag either.


Alot of bike for the money.

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Guest Hooli

July '17

2x Dust seal (not sure)

2x front fork seals

Fork oil


Dust seals are the seals you can see on the forks, near the mudguard. The fork seals are underneath.

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