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RichardK's 95 Mazda 323 coupé


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Re the exhaust holts, could you not buy any M6 bolt and trim it to fit with a hacksaw or dremel?


Otherwise try a spares place or even Halfords, they might have a packet of bolts (Pearly Whatnots) that match what you need for a couple of ££

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Changing tack on to different tasks today....


PCV valve change, as the old one looked original, and new ones from Freddie Fram are cheap...




It is a remarkably easy job.  The PCV valve on the Zetec Mondeos is right under the exhaust manifold, and is not straightforward unless you have the car on a ramp. Here, it is just perched on top of the engine, simples. 2 min job.




But, while I was there I popped off the PCV pipes and cleaned some gunk out of them.






Job done.


Also, the door courtesy lights (a new one on me, such luxury) didn't have bulbs in.  Not sure why, hopefully not some weird electrical drain. Anyway, a couple of 5w wedge bulbs were sourced, and now seem to be working and turn off when doors close.



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This loose trim on the rear seat back was annoying me, luckily the clips could be pulled out and reused with pliers. Might not work forever, but fixed for now.






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Popping off the radiator cover reveals the extent of the bend in the rad! Umm. Managed to get one more exhaust heat shield bolt out, but the other two still siezed solid :-(


Might be time to (slowly!) hacksaw them off...





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I love how 'wrong' this car looks, perfect for on here. The 323F is a bit too cool for Autoshite. This however is perfect.

Will be watching out for a roffle..

A roffle that, if it happens, could be getting too expensive the way its going!

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I've just removed the charcoal canister to improve access to the fuel filter. However it looks like the bottom pipe from the canister wasn't connected to anything, and is in fact split. What's going on here?







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Ok, so got the top pipe off the fuel filter, with only a few drops of fuel lost, plugged the line with a pencil!


But getting the bottom fuel pipe off is an utter sod. Called a halt for today, as that clip is deep in the engine bay. May need to remove the fuel filter bracket itself for better access.


This is fun!





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Ended up taking the battery off to get more access. I think I've done it. Re-assembled and no immediate leaks. A bit of pez around the place...caused the paint to come off the top of the new filter buy hey ho.


No pics b-cos exhausted.




(forgot to put the battery cover back on, damn)

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And here's how I'm doing against the project job list...notice how I'm focusing on the tasks in priority order, lol.


Defo non-interference though, confirmed in last few days.


total project costs to date = £415 (purchase price + MOT and associated fixing)

parts spend = £45.75

total costs = £460.75


High priority
Entire new exhaust (looks like can source from Germany via ebay for at least the middle/rear box) - including a check on the manifold
Oil and Filter change
Deal with 2 worst rust areas

Medium priority
Air filter change - done 17/5 (cost £5)
Pollen filter change - kinda done 16/5 (cost £11)
Fuel Filter change - done 2/6 (cost £6)
Get a spare key
New Tyres
Cambelt and aux belt
New Rad/Coolant change

replace screws on exhaust manifold heat shield

Low priority
A general go over with the G3 scratch remover - one side done to limited effect 31/5 (cost £0)
new wiper blades
paint wiper arms - rear wiper done 8/6 (cost zero - obviously some materials, but not worth costing!)
Bulbs for door courtesy lights - done 26/5 (cost £2.75)
Square front number plate
Refurbish/replace wheel trims
Replace GLX side badges - done 15/6 (cost £8.75)
Change gearbox oil (would be nice to do filter)
Clean/replace PCV valve - done 26/5 (cost £3.25)
Underneath rust prevention

new captive nut for side light - done 21/6 (cost £2)

Paint battery clamp

PAS fluid (oil cooling will need replacing long term - twosmoke has suggested bypassing them - and this could be done when the radiator is replaced) - done 9/6 (cost £6.99)

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Wiper arms need repainting, this is how the rear one came off the car...


Using some paint/gasket stripper, got it to look like this..


But still leaves some areas that are tricky to get back to metal...





Bit more fiddling in the morning and then to rattle can it with whatever I have lying around.  Not a Bentley after all...!

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PAS fluid looked a bit old, so a partial flush was attempted.  Just sucked out what I could from the top....






Sucked out about 600ml, not sure of the total capacity. Popped out to get some new fluid (£6.99) topped up, bled by turning the wheel from lock to lock, went for a quick drive, and seems a little better (placebo effect).


Anyway, the elephant in the room is the PAS pipes are rusting out (small leak on the higher pressure pipe?) in a very similar way to the Mondeo ones as it 'appens!  I thought new fluid might at least help a bit in the short term.



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