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RichardK's 95 Mazda 323 coupé


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Lovely car Egg, I think you did very well. Seriously charming vehicle, I was really quite struck with it on Sunday.  Do you know if it is an interference engine?


I think (and hope) not, but haven't had the definitive answer yet.


Here's a pic of a base 1.3 model on steel wheels without trims.  This one has long gone from the looks of it.  The indicator lens are much clearer on this one, so mine will need a go with toothpaste or something.



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shit, think you may have the B5 engine. Your welcome to it anyway.


Thanks for that, but I think mine is the later Z series engine, not with the car at the mo, but next time I am, I'll check the engine code. Cheers.

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That brochure is madness. Three completely different shapes for supposedly the same car, two of them hatchbacks. I recognise the two on the second page but the two on the first page I can't ever remember seeing before. Or is it just that they are a very forgettable shape. The last one has a two litre V6 which sounds good. I'm guessing this may have been the base for the short lived Xedos range.


You've opened a right old can of worms here egg, well done.

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Other 323c's still in existence (and roadworthy)


M37 ACV - Green 1.5 GLX

M767 PAG - MOT expired last month, SORN'D. Up for sale for £995 April 2016. Green

N734 FBV - Red GLX

N707 FBV - White GLX Auto


(J50634 in Jersey as noted previous page)


If you know of any more, do add them please!

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Tried the above. Fucked it up. Unbelievable! The pattern part wasn't quite right, and as I fiddled around, one of the three part filters (blue arrow) dropped horizontally and is now somewhere in the 'cooling unit' casing rattling around (area circled).  Lesson, don't do things when you're too tired.


So, short of dropping the whole bottom half of the unit out (which would include half dash removal). That's not going to get sorted.






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Well, I have sort of got 2 parts of the new pollen filter in and one of the old! It's not right, and not sure it's even the right air direction, ho hum.


Also noticed that the Radiator and front end must have taken a knock at some point, as it is concave at the front and bulges at the back. No leaks or anything. But explains why bumper wasn't fully attached in a couple of places.


Radiator, your name will also go on the list.

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Air filter arrived today. Changed, and for reasons not quite clear even to me, I removed the air box and gave it a clean as well. MAF seems ok.  A bit of contact cleaner on the connectors (not the MAF!) while the box was off and all done.  Tried to remove the exhaust heat shield, but those screws are rusted on, so plus gas-ed and a job for another day.











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I got one of the M6 screws off the exhaust heat shield, but the next one began* to round off, so stopped for now.  The two lower down that actually attach to the manifold will be fun!




If I want OEM replacements, autolinkmx5 will replace them at a cost - £6 each posted!




While I did a Wilson face about that




I switched tack to polishing up one of the sidelights, you can spot the difference right?











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Talking of Kia in this thread, I found out that if you put a 'K' in front of the part number - the Mazda screw becomes a Kia screw.  I emailed Kia parts online, but they don't have 'em either, and can confirm that no-one in the country has them.


V5 arrived today, 5 previous owners!

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