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RichardK's 95 Mazda 323 coupé


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Its strange, I swapped out the interior on my Favorit because the driver's seat was insecure, and now have the same problem again! (Though the Favorit might not have been bad enough to fail the test).


Finding a whole new seat might be hard!


Waiting for the call back to see what is proposed....

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Maybe Sav, who knows m8!


Anyway, got the call back, says he can weld up the exhaust and have a go at welding up the seat as well.


I thought about it for 5 seconds and said yes, if this is going to be a Mrs Egg car, it needs sorting pronto rather than me faff about with the seat, try and find one online etc etc.


So should be on road with it in a few days... 


Tester commented that he thought the car was very clean overall.


I can then have a go at some servicing and a bit of spit and polish.

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Good luck with it. I vaguely recall reading somewhere that Mazda only sold 150 of them here.


I've managed to get a photo of just the one in the last 10-12 years:



1995 Mazda 323 GLX 1.5 3dr auto by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr




In that somewhat whimsical way that Mazda had back then, I imagine this saloon with different styling is effectively the same underneath:



1995 Mazda 323 1.5 GLX Saloon by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr

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Good luck with it. I vaguely recall reading somewhere that Mazda only sold 150 of them here.


Yes, I emailed Mazda today asking if they know what the numbers were, don't expect a response, but you never know.


Mine's the same model as the one you papped.

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Do we know why it's insecure? It could just be the mounting bolts are loose. But if the frame is broken the only proper fix would be to weld it. But this is Autoshite so if you're after a quick bodge you could try a big old wodge of quick steel or other epoxy steel putty. But really we need to see why its loose.


Looks alright apart from that doesn't it. The other bit just sounds like the rubber exhaust mount is missing.



Edit: I forgot to read past the end of page 1, seems it's already in hand. As you were.

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Yes, I emailed Mazda today asking if they know what the numbers were, don't expect a response, but you never know.


Mazda called me this morning and said they only keep records for the last 10 years, so that's no go.  I also asked them if there is any workshop manual information available, but just pointed me to the nearest dealer in Canterbury...


There are online parts diagrams here though which are helpful...



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What we have here is a typical 'egg' purchase, a 20 year old car a bit on the cusp.  The alternatives being run into the ground and scrap, or spend several hundred getting tip top.


Kick down on the auto box is a bit erratic like Wobbler's S-MX was.


A hoover out and and look round today....


First an Irish golf club pencil, was our original giffer a golfer? Probably.




Faded GLX badges will either need removing or replacement by DMB




Wiper arms need painting (a very 90s affliction), I expect I will remove them, put them back at the wrong angle and require DW wiper placement advice...(bird poo bonus in this shot)




Pollen filter (this is odd, 3 pieces? not seen before) will be replaced, natch.




The rusty bits, could leave, could bodge, could get them done pro.






This number plate surround (standard issue) was annoying me, so had to go. Might go square with pre-2001 font if this ends up staying for a bit.





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More useless 323C facts - I'm sure all the UK ones were automatics, as I'm sure Mazda marketed these at the grey pound, despite the funky looks. A bit like the Honda Aerodeck, I suppose. I'm sure Top Gear magazine reviewed one in one of those half page tests they did in the mid-90's, when the magazine was actually a good read.


Think I prefer the Mazda front end to the Laser Lynx front end, despite it looking like that facelifted uggers Hyundai Coupe, which I actually quite liked...



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The run up to Detling and back left me fairly impressed. The ride is less fidgety than the Fusion (but to be fair, has 40,000 fewer miles under its wheels), cruises well at 60-65, and 70 is only just over 3,000rpm. The steering is precise around the centre, unlike the Ford's I'm used to. Rear visibility is ok, once you get used to the slightly odd set-up. Yeah, I like it.

Engine and wind noise could be better, but no worse than most cars of this era.

So on the drive back the jobs list forms....(assuming it is staying for a bit)...

High priority
Entire new exhaust (looks like can source from Germany via ebay for at least the middle/rear box) - including a check on the manifold
Oil and Filter change
Deal with 2 worst rust areas

Medium priority
Air filter change - done 17/5 (cost £5)
Pollen filter change - kinda done 16/5 (cost £11)
Fuel Filter change - done 2/6 (cost £6)
Get a spare key
New Tyres
Cambelt and aux belt
New Rad/Coolant change

Low priority
A general go over with the G3 scratch remover - one side done to limited effect 31/5 (cost £0)
new wiper blades
paint wiper arms
Bulbs for door courtesy lights - done 26/5 (cost £2.75)
Square front number plate
Refurbish/replace wheel trims
Replace GLX side badges - asked DMB 31/5 (cost TBC)
Change gearbox oil (would be nice to do filter)
Clean/replace PCV valve - done 26/5 (cost £3.25)
Underneath rust prevention

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Awesome to see you are willing to put some effort into this one. I had no idea they were so rare here in the UK, they've sold plenty of them in Germany and there are still plenty around. I love their styling, its replacement definitely was a step into the wrong direction design wise. The hatch design is very CRX-esque which makes them very cool on my book.

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